Change way AFK leavebuster 20 min queue wait works

So I'm partial to this as much as the next player. You get annoyyed after many games in a row of losing or that 1 particular game has you losing beyond recognition. So you decide to afk or just leave the game. Now typically what happens is when you next login or play another game LeaveBuster will say "Due to your AFK behaviour you have been placed in a lower priority queue for 5 games" Sounds fair. However the problem with this message is that whilst queuing up if you decide to dismiss that message it kicks you out of the 20 minute timer. Unlike that of the dodge timer which shows a similar message but when you dismiss the message and join a game the 5 minute timer swaps places with the "FIND MATCH" button and counts down the allotted time before then giving you access to the button. Whilst the timer is there you're queuing in the same low priority queue and have access to the chat systems, store, rune and mastery pages and much more. What I propose is for the 20 minute AFK message to adopt the same protocol. You dismiss the message and it swaps places with the "FIND MATCH" button and counts down the 20 minute allotted time before then allowing you to find a match. The reason I state this as a suggestion is at times a friend of yours or clan chat posts up a message but you're neither able to see said message or respond to it unless you dismiss that 20 minute message. Likewise can you not edit your rune or mastery pages or even browse the store to help alleviate the time spent waiting for the 20 minutes to be up.
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