Shadow of Wind KazeKage Yasou by PRoxy oQ

As PRoxy oQ is permabanned even from forums (or at least somewhere around 2130) xd I'll post art for him ! hope you like it duno if his other art has been removed like Dj Sona etc. but you can find those at his artstation and deviantart hope you like it enjoy . Now his words about his work: >Just a quick sketch on i guess Yasou Shadow of Wind KazeKage if google and my logic is right i tough about creating traditional black samurai clothing Yasou sketch but i ended up whit this hope you guys like it i will probably continue to create league art even thou am permabanned :S I don't have anything against Riot or it's product, aside from not punishing trolls and simple player things like that, as my ban was rightfully distributed ,would have been good to be warned properly that next any kind of fallout will get perma ban and not 1 14 or 35 days or w/e, but it's fine. I probably wont create any new champion art as i wont make new acc or anything like that and wont experience them. Also i would like to say that am sry to most of people i've flamed not all but most of them and that am rly grateful for people who helped me on forums like''Dr Exlerth'' who was really helpful at my Let's Paint it Stream board post and ''ur mom is a noob'' who made contest on drawing and gave me some skins for wining few of them (sry m8 for losing acc i feel so bad that i got those skins as they are gone/locked now) and many more ! I rly wish you all the best and if you have any skin ideas you would like to see post them here or PM FoTonS he is my friend and he will probably xD proceed them to me :) gl hf guys climb the sh.t out of that elo ^^

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