So Zaun is actually China????

I gave it a though and finally concluded that Riot is bigoted and racist. I mean yes they are a company founded in America but I though that racism was in decline over there. Why did they target China and other countries like Russia through their game? Zaun is exactly where China would be in the Runeterra map and everything from the description of the place to the concept art is highly racist against China. Cheap and junky machines (mocking China's factories and technologies), Poluted atmosphere (like the big cities in China), Assasins for hire (like the Triads), Characters that dress like a mix of British Colonists, traditional Chinese clothing and machines from the industrial revolution. Not to talk about the champions, thieves, terrorists, filthy rats, mad scientists, abominations, arsonists, and failed experiments. Why is Riot so racist? Is that what they think of China? Not to mention how they put themselves above the Chinese and portray themselves with Piltover as the good guys and the law keepers (Piltover is the equivalent of the American Far Werst). By the way: Nocus is clearly Russia, Freljord is Norway, Ionia is Japan, Targon is the mount Olympus in Greece, Shurima is Egypt, Ixta is the jungles of Africa, Bilgewater is the Caribbean, The Shadow Isles is the Bermuda Triangle and of course Demacia is America. How much Racist can you be Riot?
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