What could be done with Aatrox? (I hope you return)

Hi guys, It isn't an exact isea to rework bloody hands mass murderer flying buddy but I have my ideas. Personally I love the animations and 2 of the spells he have. His Q is awesome whern you lend the knock up. It feels powerdul and destructive just like how his personality feels. His W is a thinkering tool but it is also a great weapon for dueling. makes the player continuesly think about the flow of the AAs but it is lack luster. E is a nice animation but it feels "meh?" just like his ultimate. I have several ideas but I need the community to try to force Riot to do something with him. So lets begin the brain storm. Passive --> The resurrection is Great, the Attack speed is great. The healing is great for jungeling. I actually like his overloaded passive but his other spells suffer a bit for it. I still think it must stay untouched. Q --> One of the most fun gapclosers. Even with short range and meaningless CC I think think this spell shouldn't be changed that mutch. Removeing the Knock up and makeing it slow reather then "micro stuning" 1-2 enemy is not just better and allows %%%%erplay. Adjusting the CD of the skill (compensateing for Hard CC to Soft CC) help him and his team out. W--> This is the ablity that needs attention the most. it should make Aatrox users think about life (carp joke I meant HP). He have to decide the way he want to do damage. I personally will fuse the current W and Ult to geather. Since you interrupt AA flow with any spell use. So... umm... I don't want give you a tasteless and lifeless raw text but I have to. I sill have problem to express myslef sometimes. Aatrox battle experience helps him to geather his blade's blood trust. After his 1st he gains attack speed. after the 2nd attack he dubles the attack speed and gains range to deliver Blood Trust or Blood Price. Blood Trust -- Heals aatrox based on his lost HP and AD Blood Price -- damages an enemy. IF the target was a champion, 50-75% of the cost is refounded. I think this is a fair spell in this form. Aatrox have high Attack Speed with his passive runes and other things. makeing him a quite fast basic attacker. The bonus attack speed should not be too high. It would be outrageous. The reson for the bonus Attack Speed is only a "catalist" for succesful 3rd attacks. So does the extra range. E -->Here I stand and thinking about the word Torment. Give This idiote a fear instead of slow. Keep the animation and the AoE with the CD. If it fears it matches with everything. R --> Massacre This is the spell that needs the most change. My idea: Aatrox creates a blood bath. With each strike his W and other on hit effects apply in a cone damaging all enemy. The W effects are also altered. Blood Trust -- Heals for %HP/Target . Effect is dubeled if he is below 50% HP Blood Price -- The Damage of the spell is increased. It also deals %HP damage on the targets. This is true Massacre. This concept unleases true chaos. While W still gives this pulsateing Attack Speed boost and range it makes Aatrox attack chaotic hard to controll but damageing. For me bewcause of it is feels like the current Ultimate but it is still a different. Show your ideas think about it togeather. I would love to get a huge comment section with 20-25 people commenting and thinking about Aatrox.
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