Champion Idea - Quirlan The Inquisitor

Quirlan The Inquisitor So, there is an idea of a demacian inquisitor that is not really that much of a good guy. From the gameplay perspective i've been thinking of a tanky toplaner who would be picked against either crowd controlling monstrosities, or champions with abilities that let them teleport all around the map (Shen, Pantheon, Tahm Kench). Im not really experienced at balancing numbers, so they are here just for the perspective. Looks: I imagine Quirlan as a big guy, wearing a silver heavy armor with light blue robes. When he enters his Holy Stance, the plates of his armor would move themselves, making him look bigger and more dangerous. His armor would also turn bright gold during this time. He'd have a scarred face, with blue eyes and long white hair, propably in form of a ponytail. Quirlan wields a sword in his right hand, and a mace that looks more like a religious accesory than a weapon in his left hand. Lore: I didn't really think it out yet, it could be anything, but here's an idea: Quirlan was an honored demacian priest-warrior, who would fight alongside the demacian army, but also lead the prayers before a fight. In one of many battles he encountered a powerful Noxian mage, who opened a portal, and threw Quirlan into some twisted realm (could be the one, where Shaco comes from). After that battle Quirlan was considered dead for many years. People of Demacia remembered him as a great hero. One day a portal opened and Quirlan fell out of it - he managed to survive. He was no longer the person he once was. Claiming that his gods saved him from all the evil he has encoutered, Quirlan would do anything in order to destroy the unholy. The Inquisitor has become much more violent and cruel after this event, some even say he is not a sane man anymore. Quirlan is still a well respected person among Demacians, but it's hard to say if they respect him because of his heroism, or because they fear him. Abilities: ->**Passive** - **Behold The Holy Light** - If Quirlan takes damage from 5 different sources (every autoattack, skill or minion attack counts as 1) in a span of 2 seconds he enters his **Holy Stance** for 5 seconds. This effect may occur once in 14/12/10/8 seconds (the cooldown is reduced by leveling his ultimate, but is unaffected by CDR). While Quirlan is in his **Holy Stance**, his armor and magic resists are being increased by 60%, his total attack damage by 30% and his abilities work a bit differently. ->**Q** - **Sealing Rune** - Cooldown: 12/10,5/9/7,5/6 Range similar to Kled's Q Mana cost - 40/50/60/70/80 Quirlan fires a projectile from his mace. This projectile passes through minions and stops at the first enemy champion hit, while dealing 30/40/50/60/70 (+40% of Quirlan's total AD) magic damage. Enemy champion hit with this ability gets slowed by initial 70% reducing quickly to 20%, and **Sealed** (both effects last for 2 seconds). **Seal** - a new status effect - a Sealed champion cannot crowd control enemies (for example **Sealed** Xerath's E will deal damage but will not stun). **Holy Stance** effect - This ability deals 50% more damage and passes through champions enabling multiple Seals with one cast. -> **W** - **Inquisitor's Blade** - Cooldown: 6/5,5/5/4,5/4 Mana cost - 20/25/30/35/40 Quirlan's next autoattack deals additional physical damage equal to 40/50/60/70/80 (+50% of Quirlan's bonus AD). If this ability strikes a **Sealed** champion it will stun the target for 1 second and deal physical damage equal to 4% of targets total health once the **Seal** ends. If this ability strikes a non-champion Quirlan regains 3/4/5/6/7% of his missing health. **Holy Stance** effect - Casting this ability increases Quirlan's attackspeed by 40% for 5 seconds. The bonus damage from this ability is now True. -> **E** - **You Can't Run From Your Sins** - Cooldown: 22/20/18/16/14 Mana cost - 90 (on each rank) Quirlan channels this ability while slowing himself down by 30% for 0,75 of a second, after that he dashes (range similar to Sejuani's Q), passing through enemies and dealing 15/30/45/60/75 (+70% of his bonus AD). The first enemy champion hit with this dash is marked as a **Heretic** for 5 seconds. During this time Quirlan can blink (with a short casting animation) to a **Heretic** regardless of distance between them by recasting this ability. Quirlan cannot blink to an invulnerable **Heretic** (For example Galio during his ultimate, or champions affected by Poppy's ultimate, or Kayn during his ultimate, or simply users of zhonya's hourglass). -> **R** - **Heathens Shall Burn** - Cooldown: 100/90/80 Mana cost - 100 (on each rank) Radius similar to Amumu's R, range a bit smaller than Leona's R Quirlan calls down an explosion of Holy Fire which deals 100/200/300 magic damage in the epicenter on impact and leaves a burning area of Holy Fire (on the entire radius) that slows enemies inside by 20/30/40% and deals 2/3/4% of their missing health as magic damage per second. The holy fire burns for 8 seconds. In this area Quirlan is in his **Holy Stance** until he leaves. Upon leaving the Holy Fire, his **Holy Stance** turns off and goes on cooldown, but if Quirlan gets inside the Holy Fire again, the cooldown is being reset and Quirlan is again in **Holy Stance**. Statistics: I believe these are useless here since there is no way i could calculate balanced ones but here you go: HP: 612 (+84) HP regen: 8,4 (+0,5) MP: 287 (+32) MP regen: 8,7(+0,6) Range: 125 Base AD: 62 (+3,1) Base AS: 0,67 (+3%) Base Armor: 29 (+4) Base MR: 34 Bese Movement speed: 345
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