_**This is a suggestion for the upcoming URF-weekends:**_ Make 2 queues: 1st: URF (you can pick whatever you want) and for the people who hated URF (which probably aren't too much xD) 2nd: AR URF (you get random champions) _**Here is why:**_ People wouldn't mind and everyone would be satisfied !! I have asked a lot of my friends about AR URF (All Random Ultra Rapid Fire) and the most of them 28/32 told me the following things: "The new URF (AR URF) is unbalanced because it is just about luck what (champion) you get. The team with the better champions for URF porbably wins." "URF was way better before all this because you were able to play the champions you get and dont need 21 games to finally get your main and then make someone dodge..." (they basically all said the same so I'm just putting everything together) **_My opinion:_** I miss the old URF because you were able to take whatever you want. I think that the more points you have on a champion the less you will get him randomly. My friend got Riven 4/7 games I got Riven 0/27 times now and I am still queueing in the hope of getting her but I guess I wont (btw i got 700k) thats why I think that I dont get her because I have so many points on her
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