My thoughts on the SG Ezreal skin

So I've been hyped for this skin for quite a long time and I just got to see it in game so heres my thoughts about it. Model: The in game model looks pretty good, I like his outfit it fits Ezreal as a character while keeping the male Star Guardian theme pretty well. The only very slight issue I have is that his hair seems a bit too long but that could be just me. Abilities: So here comes the big deal. I find the particles for his abilities overall pretty stale because it seems like the skin uses the same particles for every single ability and the biggest problem is that his Q and W seem almost identical which would make it very confusing for opponents as well. His ult and E look fine overall so Id suggest just changing the particles on Q and/or W to differentiate them a bit more (not only from each other but also from the general particles). Hope Riot sees this and does something about it.

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