[Champion Idea] Krix - the grown up

*/I have bad english. I know we get a mid laner next, he could come out later on. Since I have bad english, I will try to explain some of his abilitys with other champ's abilitys altered. /* Sooo, I came up with this idea today around 1-2 AM, because I wasn't able to sleep. He is a **melee-AP mid laner**, who starts as a baby/young boy, and when he get lvl 6/11/16 he gets older, his abilitys get stronger. Slaps enemys, if someone builds him ad, and he crits, then he fist others. I mean fist hit. Yeah. Fist hit them. [1-5 Baby/youngling, 6-10, a little bit older, taller,11-15 late teenager years, 16+ grown up, buff man] Passive [not finished idea]- Since he is Ap-melee, he need something that empowers his basic attacks, which gets stronger with ap. Like with AA he also deals magic damage 7/14/21/28 +0,2 of his ap (around 500 ap at lvl16 he would deal 128 magic damage+ his ad's damage ) Also, by leveling his ult, he becomes "older", his skills effect become stronger. Q, Come a little closer - This skill would pull enemys X block closer, kinda altered Vayne's Condemn skill(it pulls, skillshot). This skill would come from the opposite side of Krix (like it's not going straight forward like a corgi ult), like Ornn's ult, it comes from a desired way. It deals more damage the more this skill travelled. (So it would deal it's max damage when it's hits enemys close to Krix). Would slow enemys, if hit. W, Hop - Krix jumps, then slams the ground (it's like Lissandra's Ring of frost (E), without the cc). Low mana, low cd, low damage. E, Closer - It's a shield, which would give him DMG reduction(so actually not a shield) for limited time, also if the enemy attacks him somehow (AA, or ability) while it's on they get pulled closer everytime they damage him (not drasticly like a Naut/Blitz/Thresh Q, just some unit closer) R, Run now - He channels the ground, then from the channeled place lava starts to erupt. It's like a Zyra ult without cc + Morgana W . It would start to flood from the middle to the edges (I think visually Zac's ult closest to to it, without jumping, and way slower, in a bigger area). Standing in the erupted area would deal damage overtime. Area size gets bigger with AP (like iceborn gauntlet, but scales with ap) Vulnerabilities: -Has no escape ability -If he activates E during escaping from an adc, every aa would pull the adc a little bit closer, so he wouldn't be able to get away -He is weak during early When he lvl up ult at 6/11/16 besides "evolving", his skills would get "stronger" too. Q- Skillshot has bigger width W- Deals damage in bigger area E- Pulls enemys closer R- Just more damage When he dies : a piano falls on him maybe? Skin Idea: Gentleman Krix 1-5 The baby/youngling has a cute hat, and a tie 6-10 Kind of jeans, with white shirt,tie 11-15 Black trousers, white shirt, tie 16+ Black trousers, white shirt, tie, suit, BUUUUT with the little baby/youngling cute hat When he dies a safe falls on him maybe? Uh, I guess that's it. I hope you guys like him. I tried to create a fair kit for him Edit: forgott this : ULT - Area size gets bigger with AP (like iceborn gauntlet, but scales with ap)

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