An idea to stop/prevent toxicity - Concept

What if instead of the penalty that we have now, waiting X minutes we would have some kind of mandatory video (like some ads nowadays). The videos would explain what is good online behaviour with examples of both, good and bad. In the end you should have some questions regarding the main theme of the video, should it be: - intentional feed - where you're just ruinning other people games for both teams (it gets weird even when someone keeps dying against you at the point that you just start pitying the other team); - toxicity - where you're just triggering people and "snowball" the hate. - cheating - where you're just acting and you're getting enjoyment from other people that might be able to see what's happening or not. - etc, etc... I don't quite know how much time you would to "waste" as punishment seeing videos and answering questions with this method as a player in "rehab", but I would give the players the option of: - A - don't see a video and wait 30 minutes to play a game; - B - waste 10 minutes seeing a video that might teach you something and improve your vision of how bad is to generate "hate" in a community; The plataform could be the launcher or even a browser. I think that this idea could be easily implemented and improved. It could be something good for the game, like a school for online behaviour directed to League of Legends.
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