Ranked improvement Idea for getting S

So while a friend was playing ranked and was raging over 2 of his teammates never grouping and solo suiciding i thought about a way to change a game that looks like a loss in rank. so players dont go afk farming or start solo fighting the fed winning enemy team throwing harder because they dont think with the team in mind anymore so ok lets say you play and with a win you get 22lp, you lose and get like 18lp minus, however you actively played and got ( for the example) one guy actually rage quiting the game, you played an s but still lose the game because it was just not winnable so why not make it that an -s s +s take away 3 4 5 of the punishment so instead of 18 lp you lose if you played realy well and participated the game without grief and invested youre time and concentration through a frustrating game, you just lose 13 because you did well. now you need to also change and seperate how you optain an s if you lose, so the following things should be adressed 1 afk farming jungling cant give you an s, otherwise if you lose ppl just afk farm and let towers die, essentially beeing afk and not getting punished for the grief as hard 2 low overall kill participation, but high kill count and deaths ( this way you cant just suicide all the time for free kills or wait till the team is dead and then kill two or three then not push or go back jungling, it happens ppl do this and should not be rewardet) 3 low champion damage, low healing/shielding for allied champions, cs score, ward score or cc score, now if you got more then one of these you did at least something because some ppl play support or a support champ and do nothing all game and cant fullfill more then one, that aint helping the rate of how the s gets done is per champion different anyway and gets calculated with the score others do in general ( if i understand it right) so there should be no problems here now what would this do for the game? so how many games did you lose where it was winnable but the team gave up because a lose is a lose? they start to go for cheap kills, and calls without caring for what that might do for the game? if ppl actually get a little something for not going afk farming all game, not be a solo never group guy never ward never help blabla, BUT instead stay with the team, try to stay alive, try to help alot more so they dont lose so much lp. ( so as long as you do something WITH the team you get less punished) and this could lead to the suprise win at the end. because they tried and didnt throw the game. also by making it more about helping and assisting instead of farming, would mean the whole i take farm now from one guy who neeeds the gold more right now wont happen as often. sometimes the guy who COULD carry the game has no money ( lets say vayne) and cant farm cuz everybody wants the farm for money. also the normal s for wins would stay the same. i think this could be very good for the game and help with rage and frustration ppl have for losing but playing actually decent.
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