Dark Cosmic Syndra ultimat skin

For thows who don't know, dark cosmic are cosmic entities that become dark stars, so far only jhin's legendary skin is like this. So for Syndra, in this skin she follow the same rules as both pulsfire Ezreal and spirit guard Udyr: - at lvl 1 she is a cosmic entity with yet no coruption, her skills are that of cosmic colors: suns for Q, C.Kassadin's E for her W ets, she apear similar to C.Kassadin but with thiner more revealing fabrics, not at janna lvl ofc, she also have a boob window in wich apear a bright shining star her quots are similar to those of A.sol, maybe less sassy and more consrned about life, light and creation, she is a benevolent godess who care deeply about her creations. - at lvl 6 she gain some D.S coruptions, not at jhin's state yet, her armor/clothes are mismached between the cosmic white/blue/gold and the D.S violet/black/gold, the coruption would toch her hand (left one) only, her quots becom those of a lost and afraid person, exp: pre 6, if she cast W she would shout "BEGONE!!" with a strong demenor, but now it's more like "stay away!!" with a hint of fear, however, when she cast her R, the true monster withing is the one that speak, saying things like "be cosumed!!". - at lvl 11 she would start to get curropted in her mind, cosing her to have a dual-personality, one similar to lvl 6, but also one that ravel in destruction and annihilation, all her limbs would be curopted, leaving ony her chest where a star still shine and half her face, the other half having started to turn into a monster like D.S oriana or JarvanIV, as we mantioned, her quots would be contradictory, as half of her being wants to protect the univers while the other half want it's uter destruction. - at lvl 16, she become a complite monstrosity, the star that was in her shest become a black hole, her cosmic crown becom dark violet tandroles, and as for her quots, just copy past thresh with a feminin voice and maybe 20 more IQ. her abilitys remain the cosmic orianted until she max them out, wher they will become a mix of both similarly to dark cosmic jhin.

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