Arcade game mode, Ultimate Boss Mordekaise and Secret Boss Kassadin

Arcade Game Mode: Basicaly it's like last year odyssey event, a PVE game mode that let us dive into the arcad univers, playing with some buffed up arcad champions that we can upgrade with special perks and battle the battle boss at the end of every lvl, starting with Blitz, Ziggs, Brand, Malzahar and lastly Veigar. The univers look similar to the minecraft (arcade ahri splashart), a cubic world with pixelised monsters and after kiling monsters, they would drop gold coins just like it did with ora, somtimes they would drom mana potions and health potions. Reviving work by hearts sistem, we all start with 3 hearts, if we die we can resurect by spending one of our hearts or having a team mate sacrifice one of his for us, hearts can drop in the game, the drop rate go down the higher the difficulty Secret Boss kassadin: He is a secret boss that apear only in the highest dificulty and can randomly open his portal in one of the lvl's of the game (if it's on the eurly lvls, then you are unlucky), defeating him will grant special tokens defferant from the arcad tokens they can be used to forge his icon, border of the skin itself, albey the later one would be VERY hard and nessessit any unconters and victories. He is a legendary skin that unlike the other battle bosses, seem to have been sponed from a more resent game consol, he back story is basicaly "wreck it ralph 2" but in reverce, he's a boss from an online game that went to the net and ended up in the arcade universe, he is more powerfull than veigar but show little interest in conquest and the like. all i can think of is VFX are that his "walk" pixelise the grownd behind him inted of leaving purple lines, his R make him pass thro the matrix of the game (black screen with green texts and numbers) and that's all Ultimate Boss Mordekaise: This one is an idea i found in a coment in the vodeo from Necrit's latest "Rift News" video, he is an epic skin, basicaly a battle boss that was deemed too strong form the game, so the developers erased him, but FB Veigar death cosed a rift in the fabrique of the matrix an alowed UB Mordekaise to return. To Fight UB mordekaiser one must defeat FB Veigar in the highest difficuty and jump in the portal he would leave behind, that would send the players in the limbo of the arcad world where they would find Mordekaiser and battle him. He look like an adult version of veigar, but much bulkier and meaner: - his Passive make the pixels around him get ripet of the ground and air and sworld around him. - his Q leave a pixelic hole behind. - his W can't have a proper idea for it sry - his E rip a whole thro the matrix of the game and a BB Malzahar hand rip u to him. - his R throw u in the arcade limbo where the grownd is "tron" grid like and the exterior of the arena is black void and green matrix like numbers and leters P.S: Mordekaiser and Kassadin vfx are the ones in game, not the ones inthe game mode, i'm not that smart or creative to figur thows out, alredy burned half my neurones just figuring these out {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}

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