[Character Creation] Yaozu, Chosen of the Celestials [New Polearm/Guan dao Enchanter]

Kwan Tao or Guan Dao - Kung Fu's LARGEST Weapon
Kwan Tao or Guan Dao - Kung Fu's LARGEST Weapon. Google Search Kwan Kung or Guan Gong for information on this famous Chinese General and Important piece of Chinese Ancient Culture! In this episode Jake Mace performs the Guan Dao and teaches you a great Guan Dao or Kwan Tao Sequence!
**Authors Note** _Okay, (to start, i don't wanna white wash this) So this is Yaozu, I've had this idea as well for a while where we have no champion that imbues his weapon with power & nor do we have a champion who uses spears to increase range within the game or in a way that isn't more "Poke poke" than sweeping like the video demonstrates. In my opinion we should also have a polearm weapon in League by now but that's another conversation. Thank you for reading past this and enjoy something a bit more unique ^_^ _(As always I won't mess with league lore but I do have concepts on the backstory to this champion that can be ignored or changed. Also Its half story, half background, it kinda developed into a story as i wrote it, i have no idea why :D)__ **Character Background** Yaozu is a from a small group of villages below high mountain ranges that worships the celestial dragons that there are many shrines built in dedication to at the summit. Every 100 years the village holds a prestigious tournament to determine the envoy to the celestial dragons, the winner & 2nd place warrior are to climb the mountain to the summit and gain the blessing of the celestials & obtain the ancient weapon "Genesis". Yaozu at a very young age had an affinity with the elements and quickly was spotted by his masters creating small whirlwinds in the fields of the village. Honing his power he was thought to be the most likely to win the 100 year celestial tournament, however during the tournament he unleashed a torrent of elemental energy & severely injured his 3rd place opponent. The Grandmasters overseeing the tournament convened but allowed the final to proceed, however Yaozu overcome with doubt and grief lost fearing misusing the elements. Knowing the results, 1st & 2nd were ordered to climb to the summit and receive the blessing of the celestials. This journey took days and during this time Yaozu learned what chaos he had created and tried controlling it, in his naivety & mental & physical exhaustion he failed to remember the dense snow around them and caused an avalanche separating the two strongest warriors. Yaozu desperately searched for hours but found himself unable to go back watching the mists clear and the shrines of the summit in full view. Feeling a strong urge to continue onward out of obligation to his people, he noticed approaching shrine that they resembled an element. One without snow and covered in small ash & embers, one that almost swept him off the mountains edge, one that flowed with the purest waters & the final one that had no business being ontop of a mountain, the flowers bloomed as if it were spring in the fields and forests, there seemed to be birds that not native to the lands. He entered each shrine and prayed, mostly for forgiveness for his actions & his weakness to not be the strongest, each time he got no answer, no sign or symbol until he approached the earthen shrine. 4 Celestial dragons flared the clear night skies, one of intense fire, one of calm water, one of air & the largest of a emerald hue that emitted waves of gentle warmth, the flowers shimmering & waving in its presence. _(earth)_ **"We have been watching you for a very long time little one. You had so much confidence in your abilities, so much praise from your teachers. Only when you are faced with the reality of your power, do you understand its chaos can be a terrible burden"** _(water)_ **"This one agonizes even now over his actions, so much guilt and pain, how will you ever control the elements if your resolve wavers so easily"** _(fire)_ **"He is weak! He uses his power as a toy. I should burn him to cinders where he stands!** _(Air)_ **"And yet, he still hasn't taken his eyes off of us for a single moment. That determination, the wish to be stronger not just for everyone he knows but for himself"** Yaozu stared at them for a long time listening to their back and forth, they presented themselves before him but weren't convinced. Knowing only one way, he extended his hands outward and began letting the energies of 4 elements run through his body, this time however it was different. The shrines seemed to amplify his power, his body burning in pain and barraged by the energies passing through him. He yelled in agony but would not give in as he pushed the powers and condensed them into a sphere that seemed to warp the area around them. The blackened sky turning white, the rocks of stable footing vanishing into the hole, the world around them shaking violently until it was just Yaozu & the 4 dragons. Dropping his arms like they would fall off and lowering to one knee panting for air, he slowly looked up, exhausted and sweating. The world before them had vanished, the gravity felt different, air felt heavier & difficult to breathe. He was confused until the celestials parted around him and he could see the prize before him. _(Earth)_ **"Genesis, a weapon that transcends even our existence. This blade will endure any element you channel into it, as long as you wield it, we will always be close"** _(Water)_ **"Your fate is not for your village or your people alone, you must learn of this world & grow within it"** _(Fire)_ **"Honor the fallen, don't ever lose sight of victory! Crush many powerful opponents!"** _(Air)_ **"Your life is uncertain, don't depend on others to show you the right path, fight YOUR battle, win YOUR way"** Walking toward the weapon he feels its immense pressure but welcoming glow. Placing his hand upon the blade, the celestial dragons swarm around Yaozu and energize the blade in a blinding light. Blackness returns as Yaozu stares at the summit, no shrines remaining, no hint of divine intervention but the blade firmly in his hand and him alone atop of the mountain, no longer exhausted, no longer hungry. The strange sensation inside welling up in excitement before swinging the blade with all of his strength, the whole mountain shaking as he stared across the land below. "Genesis huh? .......Let's see if this world can satisfy us" _**Abilities**_ (Animation wise, this champions auto attacks and abilities should be more sweeping like the video demonstrates. I also envision this champion as he levels his E, creating wind particle effects that show with each slice ((auto attack)), almost like {{champion:266}} E or the Trails from {{champion:141}} Q. As for the earth celestial dragon designed as his passive, i see the earthen element to be more like nature/life, not so much like {{champion:163}} ) * **Passive**: Yaozu creates a small area around him each time he executes a minion for 10seconds ({{champion:98}} spirits refuge). While standing in this area, Yaozu & allies heal for (0.5%/1%/2%) of missing health every 2 seconds. This healing effect doubles if Yaozu kills an enemy champion and provides a larger area of effect _({{champion:203}} Ultimate)_. Cannot occur on minions more than once every 30/25/20seconds. _[I see this passive mimicking the way iverns flowers grow around a monster camp, but much more subtle and more healing particles]_ * **Q Infuse Ember**: Cooldown 15/13/11/9/7 (Mana cost should be high but lessens with each rank) Yaozu Empowers his weapon with flame for 5 Seconds. Each auto attack causes enemies to burn for (0.8 AP/0.6AD) + Base dmg increasing on rank. At the end of 5 Seconds, Yaozu explodes with a wave of fire dealing (0.8AP/0.6AD) + Base dmg increasing on rank. _(This should work like {{item:3800}} but in a small range equal to about {{item:3068}} )_ * **W Torrential Tides** : Cooldown 20/18/16/14/10 (Mana cost should be low as it'll be hard to hit) Yaozu Sweeps the ground around him dealing (0.2AP/0.2AD) + Low base damage increasing on rank. Leaving a pool of water on the ground around him for 8 seconds_(Area at early rank should be {{champion:266}} dark flight but increasing to {{champion:34}} Ultimate by last Rank)_. This ability can be reactivated again after 1 second. Once reactivated, the pool will erupt & enemies within that area will be knocked up for a duration of 1.5seconds taking (0.8AP/0.8AD) + base dmg increasing on rank. * **E Tempest Stream** : Cooldown 28/25/22/19/15 (Mana cost should remain high) **Passive: ** Yaozu Gains ??/??/??/??/?? Range on basic attacks [Basically by max rank, I think he should at least be able to outrange {{champion:238}} or {{champion:106}} in regards to respective auto attack ranges, he is using a polearm afterall] **Active:** After a delay (animation) Yazou throws out a cyclone for a short distance (About the width of a {{champion:40}} howling gale. Travelling for the length of {{champion:56}} duskbringer) Dealing (0.6AP/0.8AD) + base dmg increasing on rank. Allies following the cyclones path gain 20% increased movement speed while travelling the same direction, Allies & enemies travelling against the direction lose 20% movement speed. If Tempest Streams cyclone passes through a pool left by Torrential Tides, Torrential tides will be consumed and enemies caught in the cyclones path will be knocked up for 1 second. * **R Genesis Flare** : Cooldown 280/230/180 Yaozu targets an area _(About the old distance of {{champion:154}} slingshot or {{champion:136}} comet of legend rank 1)_ then channels the power of all 4 celestials into his weapon, leaping high into the air, becoming untargettable & immune to cc _(This animation should be shorter than pantheon ult but interuptable if quick enough. Immunity to cc is for possible travelling times and effects that may cause coding issues)_ Landing at the targetted zone with a delayed indicator visible after the leap. Upon landing Yazou channels a large sphere of energy, unable to move or take action until he cancels or 10 seconds have passed. If an enemy champion is killed in this zone, the current duration is halved. The Zone is split into 3 areas. The rings pulling enemies toward the epicentre (like {{champion:131}} or {{champion:61}} but not instant, more like a slow drag like gravity) **Epicentre** (About the range of {{item:3068}}) While in this area, enemy champions are stunned taking 1% of their current health as true damage every second **Inner Ring** (About the range of {{champion:136}} passive) While in this area enemies are slowed by 30/50/70% and take (0.5AP/0.5AD) + Base Damage increased by rank as magic damage every second. The gravitational effect stronger than the outer ring pulling them toward the epicentre (Should be escapeable with tier 2 boots). **Outer Ring** (About the range of {{champion:203}} wolf's frenzy) While in this area enemies are slowed by 10%/15%/20% and take (0.3AP/0.3AD) + Base Damage increased by rank as Physical Damage every second. The gravitational effect fairly weak pulling them toward the epicentre. (Should be escapeable with tier 1 boots or a dash)

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