Hide and Seek concept!

♠♣♦♥ HIDE AND SEEK ♥♦♣♠
HIDE & SEEK The game is played by 5 Hiders and 2 Seekers, Hiders have 5 lives and will hide in the map and try to escape Seekers, Hiders can't attack Seekers but they may use their CC abilities (slow, stun, etc.)
**CONCEPT AND IDEA CREATED BY WyikND** (https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/I9t5cB9W-hide-and-seek) Hello there, some friends and me discovered a fairly nice concept for a fun mode (custom games)! Just like the title already said, it's about a hide and seek gamemode. **BASIC RULES** There are 5 hiders and 4 seekers! The seekers have to try to kill the hiders, while the hiders have to find a good spot to not be found. Hiders may of course try to run from the seekers and they may use cc's (slows, stuns, etc.) and other abilities (Invisibility, heals, shields, etc.) to escape the seeker. Every hider however has 5 lifes. If a hider dies 5 times, he is out and may go afk / def the base / spectate. If all hiders died five times, the seekers won, and if the seekers couldn't kill them until minute 30, the hiders won. **EARLY GAME** Both teams have 8 minutes to cs and gain gold / exp. The laners do not fight each other! At minute 8, everyone has to back immediately (punishment from 8:10 on). The hiders have time to hide , while the seekers have to remain in their base until minute 10. The real game begins from here on! Hiders may not recall anymore! **RULES** * Nobody may kill lane CS from minute 10 on. You may only stand in exp range to soak some exp * The dragon may only be killed by the seekers * Hiders may only kill a seeker, if the seekers falls below 300 hp / is in ANY execution range * Hiders, as stated above, may only use CC's and JUMPS / LEAPS / BLINKS on seekers! (As long as they are above 300 hp) * Seekers may recall at any time and hiders may not interrupt them * If the seekers manage to ace the hiders, the seekers immediately win! * NO WARDS MAY BE USED (except control wards and oracle lens) this counts for both sides! **BREAKING THE RULES** If a hider or seeker breaks any of the rules, they will be punished. Hiders: One life will be subtracted (This may throw the hider out of the game) Seekers: a 5-minute timeout will be imposed (The seeker has to remain in their base) **BALANCING** (Champions / Items / etc.) _BANNED ITEMS_ {{item:3905}} Twin shadows {{item:3302}} {{item:3301}} {{item:3303}} Any support item past minute 10 _BANNED CHAMPIONS_ HIDERS {{champion:28}} Evelynn SEEKERS {{champion:107}} Rengar {{champion:4}} Twisted Fate {{champion:19}} Warwick _BANNED SUMMONER SPELLS_ {{summoner:14}} Ignite _BALANCING FOR CHAMPIONS_ _HIDERS_ {{champion:7}} Only has 3 lifes {{champion:350}} Yuumi only has 3 lifes {{champion:555}} Pyke only has 3 lifes {{champion:35}} Shaco only has 2 lifes {{champion:133}} Quinn only has 2 lifes {{champion:141}} Kayn only has 2 lifes {{champion:17}} Teemo only has 1 life and may not use his shrooms _SEEKERS_ {{champion:141}} Has to remain in their base until min 15 {{champion:35}} May not place traps until min 20 Happy searching!
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