[Champion concept] Sha'Lex , The void queen

To start things off, if you have a better name would be appreciated to mention in the comments, I myself am not the best at naming things. I went of the theme void creatures have with the seperated names, the queen part will be clear once I explain the concept. **Champion concept:** Imagine a flying void wasp or bee, stinger facing forward and quad or hexa wings with small little purple void spikes going through them, little claws coming out of the front as well. Head shape not bee nor was like per se but a more robust shape, like a low height pyramide with rounded surfaces, two little pincir sticking out of the shape, big round dark purple eyes with moving void essence going through them making them glow slightly. Her basic kit revolves around her ability to spawn voidlings to do her work while she focuses on other aspects of the game. Half hybrid scaling mostly ap mage jungler, can be played in other lanes but her kit is mostly focused for jungle play, I won't go for the specific scaling %'s each ability should have but I will give a fair idea of what each ability does, she isnt focused to be a high burst mage. **Kit:** **Passive - Void corruption** Her basic attacks corrupt enemies dealing 40/50/60 +(ap ratio) damage over time, Although her basic attacks are ranged (Which will be void spikes she launches with her wings) if she attacks up close her basic attacks will deal a % more damage to the enemy and use her stinger. **Q - Void drill** Sha'Lex jumps dashes in a direction stopping at the first enemy champion hit and pushing away minions on her path as well as doing damage to the side spreading void spikes and she rotates towards the enemy launching void spikes out with her wings towards all enemies in a small range around her as well as spreading **Void corruption** on all enemies hit and the empowered **void corruption** effect on the enemy champion she flies into, also rooting the target hit for 1 second as she is stuck into the enemy champion for that duration of time not able to attack herself. **W - Corrupting the land** Sha'Lex is able to lay down voidlings in invisible caccoons, these caccoons burst either after 2 minutes or when stepped on by enemies, spawning a little voidling that is killed in 1 basic attack, will go towards the closest enemy in sight or lane and attack enemies and structures for 20/30/35/40/50 + (ap ratio), she can stack up to 3 caccoons at a time to place on the floor. Killing these caccoons gives 10 gold and won't spawn a voidling. **E - Void spread** Sha'Lex rotates throwing void spikes around herself applying **Void corruption**, the rotation will effect a sort of shell shape ending into a straight line in facing the way she initially cast the ability, the spikes also slow enemies hit for 0.2/0.25/0.3/0.35/0.40s for 70%. **R - Void hive (Available at lvl 1)** Sha'Lex sets up a hive (Imagine a small portal with structure edges) which spawn voidlings that attack nearby jungle camps or if no jungle camps are available in the area will spawn slower and join the nearest lane. These hives start with 500HP and will get beefier as she lvl's her ult, the voidlings spawning from the hive will corrupt enemy camps and every camp has a limit of voidlings needed to kill it, once killed the voidlings will return to the hive with the gold gained, Sha'Lex can return and collect the gold, if enemies destroy the hive they will gain half of the gold gained. These voidlings won't attack dragons nor Baron/Herald. 3 Voidlings needed to kill smaller camps (gromp, raptors, wolves and krugs) 5 Voidlings needed to kill bigger camps (red and blue) Voidlings will focus bigger camps over small camps unless Sha'Lex is attacking the camp, if a voidling is already on a camp Sha'Lex attacks the camp will have reduces magic resist and armor. Sha'Lex can place another hive destroying the old one, she can't place another hive when her hive is being attacked, her hive will increase spawn rates and hive health when leveling her ult. **Conclusion** Not sure if I left something out, hope someone likes the idea I might update it a bit regarding possible comments or own tweaks to it. I know I didn't provide much damage scaling nor base damages, but I didn't want to ruin the basic concept by perhaps giving her attacks too much damage or not enough. I think she should be squishy to a certain point, kind of like elise, can become a bit tankier when building defensive items. Thanks for reading. TL;DR A void wasp queen who spawns voidlings to attack jungle camps and lanes, has poison damages and certain amount of cc, able to plant a hive to help clear the jungle.
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