[Champion Concept] Shaz´Van, Shield of the Void (Version: 1.1)

**[Champion Concept] Shaz´Van, Shield of the Void** What´s up, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Incaedeus and I proudly present you my very first concept... Well, that´s not excatly true, so let me explain: Yes, Shaz´Van is my very first concept I release, but the thing is... he already had a release. Some of you might already know this concept (or me) from the german boards, where I started with my work. But now, one and a half year and many concepts later, I decided to translate ALL of my concepts (belive me, that´s a whole lot of them!) and update them if required, because we all know that I would do everything for a little more sweet fame... So get prepared, because soon I will flood the boards with my work... _Hahahahahahahaha >:D_ ... Anyway, enough introduction, let´s get into it! ** Summary** 1. General stuff 2. Stats and difficulties 3. Lore 4. Abilities 5. Voice-lines... _(or however u wanna call them)_ 6. How to play him 7. Patchnotes ** 1. General stuff** **The Basic idea:** Yeah, the Void... I just kinda love it. So I was sitting around, thinking about the void and then I realised that we don´t have a Void-supporter yet. Challange accepted. And normally we all know what to expect from a supporter, don´t we? A supporter is mostly a tank and/or bristling with CC or flat-out damage. Shaz´Van won´t be much different. He is designed to be your very frontline, protecting you form everything there might be with his shield. Was sounding pretty good so far and then my bloody brain intervened: "We already have Braum, genious!" Damnit. So, I had to invent a new way to defend things with shields and this is basically what I came up with. As already said, Shaz´Van was made to be a full tank supporter with his main Goal to protect your ADC from incoming fire. And if there´s nothing to defend, then you will simply make the enemy carry tilt into oblivion. And the cherry on top of the cake is the ultimate, though unlevelable, which will give you a variety of weapons to fight. Literally. Oh yeah, we also have 6 levels per ability, since this ult is lazy and already happy with one level, but it´s already available on level 1. Weird stuff... **Apperance:** Normally you would expect a random picture here, but since my drawing skills are horrible (I get outskilled by 12-year-olds) and I´m kinda lazy, you will have to get along with this semi-bad description: Shaz´Van, though coming from the Void, has a human-like shape. But you won´t see much of this, since his whole body is covered in a decorated bronze armor, altough sometimes purple light shines through the armor. Even the whole face is covered with a helmet, you can only see two red, glowing eyes. Shaz´Van doesn´t have real hands, his shield and weapons melt with his arms into one, therefor his arms are slightly longer than usual. ** 2. Stats and difficulty** HP: 580 (+90/Level, 2110 on Level 18) Mana: 328 (+39/Level, 991 on Level 18) HP/5: 8,2 (+0,75/Level, 20,95 on Level 18) MP/5: 6,5 (+0,7/Level, 18,4 on Level 18) Attack Damage: 59 (+3,2/Level, 113,4 on Level 18) _That moment when you realise that champs get no AP per level... and this guy claims to be a league veteran..._ Armor: 28,1 (+3,3/Level, 84,2 on Level 18) Magic Resistance: 32,1 (+1,25/Level, 53,35 on Level 18) Movement Speed: 330 Attack Speed: 0,635 (+3%/Level, 0,959 on Level 18) Auto-Attack Range: 150 Toughness: [8/10] Damage: [2/10] Mobility: [5/10] Crowd-Control: [4/10] Utility: [7/10] Overall difficulty: [4/10] ** 3. Lore** When you think abut the void, the first thing you will probably think about is about deadly, merciless creatures, sparing no one, always on the hunt for blood. Shaz´Van will also apply to this, but in a different way than you might imagine. The first reports ever of Shaz´Van were made during an attack of the void on a noxian outpost. They have never sawn anyone from the void wearing an armor, but even more oddly: while the other attackers instantly rushed the outpost and murdering everyone in their sights, Shaz´Van joined the rush, but then suddenly stopped and looked around. He never saw a thing of this world and curiosity overwhelmed him. At least until he spotted an archer who was aiming at one of the raiders. Interesting, such a quick projectile... but it never should reach it´s target. A metallic sound and the arrow bounced of the shield, the target was looking confuesd, then spat at him and jumped away. They will never understand... To his left he detected two soilders, bravely fighting the invaders. They quickly cutted them into pieces, but no one paid attention to the archers behind them (almost no one) and they never would, because no arrow should come close to them. Shaz´Van raised his shield, no arrow was stuck in it, turned around only to face a lone soilder. His face expressed fear, but not only fear of the enemy, but fear of the punishment he would face if he would refuse this fight. So he attacked, his sword was flying around the area, but there was no way that he could get past this massive shield. But Shaz´Van didn´t stroke back, he was just taking the beating up until a companion stabbed the soilder from the back. Same reaction, he shook his head and went on searching for new pray. No one ever was able to explain this untypical behavior of him, which actually made him some enemies, even within the void, the speculations got even bigger when Shaz´Van joined the League of Legends (also something no one could explain). And there he is, standing brave on the front line, blocking every attack, waiting for the right moment, a moment only he knows... Friends: {{champion:161}} {{champion:121}} Foes: {{champion:31}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:96}} ** 4. Abilities** _ Passive: Void Singularity_ Basic attacks against enemy Champions will steal 1% of thier maximum Mana, this Mana will be stored in a singularity which will get charged. After 10 charges the chance grows (10% +10% per additional Charge -> 100% at 20 charges) that the singularity will detatch from Shaz´Van and fall onto a place near him. Friendly champions can pick up the singularity to get the stored Mana, enemy Champions can destroy the singulartiy by stepping on it, but therefor they will be rooted for 0,1 Seconds*Number of charges (-> up to 2 Seconds). _ Q: Void Impact_ _Void Weapon: Dar´Dia, the Hammer of Fear Shaz´Van switches his waepon to Dar´Dia, the Hammer of Fear. His attack spped will be reduced by 50%, but his baisc attacks will deal 115% damage to his target and enemies close to it (Range: 150 Units) and will slow them by 50% for 0,5 seconds._ Mana cost: 75/80/85/90/95/100 Mana Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10/9 seconds Cast time: 0,25 seconds Shaz´Van rams his shield into the ground, releasing a shockwave that deals 80/105/120/135/150/165 (+0,5 AP + 0,5% Bonus helath) magic damage to all targets within 600 untis and silecne them for 1,5 seconds. _ W: Wall of the Void_ _Void Weapon: Zhi´Khar, the crawling Horror Shaz´Van switches his weapon to his sword: Zhi´Khar, the crawling Horror. Whenever he attacks an enemy champion and steal his Mana with Void Singularity he will gain 2 charges per attack (they will still lose only 1% of their Mana)._ Mana cost: 45/55/65/75/85/95 Mana per second Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6/5 seconds Shaz´Van raises his shield towards the target location, blocking incoming projectiles. He will take only 60% (-1% per 150 HP) of the damage and can´t be affected by crowd control (only applies to crowd control by projectiles). When the projectile hits the shield, it will bounce and will fly it´s initial range again, anything hit by a bounced projectile will recieve 50% of the damage and crowd control (Anything also applies to any enemy!). The shield is shaped like a V, the angle inside the V is 120 degrees. Projectile will bounce with the known rule: Angle of incidence = Projection angle. While this ability is activated, Shaz´Van can move freely, but he can´t use his other abilities or use item effects. (And like a Lucian-Ult you can´t change the position/angle of the shield) _ E: Cell Mutation_ _Void Weapon: Rin´Hoj, the Symbiont Shaz´Van switches his weapon to Rin´Hoj, the Symbiont. Attacks against enemy champions will deal an additional [4% of thier maximum helath] damage and heal the most wounded nearby ally champion by that amount (only the additional amount counts!), but at least 30/55/80/105/130/155 damage (on Level 1/4/7/10/13/16). 8 seconds cooldown._ Mana cost: 90 Mana (on all ranks) Cooldown: 45/40/35/30/25/20 seconds Shaz´Van mutates a targeted friendly minion. The minion now deals 300% damage and becomes invincible, but will therefor lose 5%(-0,1% per 15 AP, cant go below 3%/second) of his maximum health every second (Won´t get affected by the invulnerability). Baron-empowered minions will only deal 150% damage. Can´t be cast on canon minions or super minions. _ R: Weapon Switch_ Mana cost: 0 Mana Cooldown: 5 seconds Shaz´Van gets the ability to switch his weapons. Just press R and then Q,W or E to Switch to your weapon of choice. All weapons are available from the beginning. You already have this ability on level 1 and don´t need to learn it additionally. This ability can´t be leveled up, therefor the other (baisc) abilities will have 6 ranks. ** 5. Voice lines** When selected: "Today... is a good day... for chaos!" If banned: "My time will come, yours will still end!" Move-Command: * "It begins!" * "Always march forward!" * "I hear the sound of battle!" * "Let´s search them!" * "My compainons need me!" * "We´ll do it my way!" Attack-Command: * "Obliterate them!" * "The fight starts..." * "Come back, that was just the warmup!" * "The tides of battle will change..." * "Mercy is a word that should never exist!" * "Getting past me is impossible!" Upon activating _Wall of the Void_: * "Come on, try it!" * "Now we´re playing with my rules!" * "Here´s a real challenge for you!" * "Sorry, but that won´t work today!" Upon activating _Cell Mutation_: * "Let´s try it this way..." * "And... how do you feel?" * "Now that´s something I can work with!" * "You´re looking much better now!" Joke: * "We are the void! You will be extinguished! Resistance is futile!" (laughs) Taunt: * "You call the Void >>nothing<<? Well, then you forgot to add yourself to the list!" * "You know, having a shield of this size, I sometimes wonder if I could create a Portal with it... you can try it, if you want to!" * Against {{champion:31}} : "Can you please shut your mouth just once?" * Against {{champion:96}} : "You really do suprise me! I mean, you still haven´t eaten youself!" * Against {{champion:38}} : "Sometimes I wish that you will just fall off that rift you´re walking on!" * Against {{champion:90}} : "Voidlings, huh? Afraid of being alone?" ** 6. How to play him** With Shaz´Van your main goal will be: Just be annoying af. Use your _Void Impact_ in fights to stop enemies in thier tracks, upgrade your own minions with _Cell Mutation_ and make it a 6v5 and if any projectile Comes Close to your Team, use _Wall of the Void_ to negate it, unprepared assasins, who try to dive your backline, will get a nasty suprise! And during all that, use your weapons, to slow your enemies, drain thier HP and ofc thier Mana. Probably nothing new here since the abilities are pretty self-explaining... Example-Build for Support-Shaz´Van: {{item:2303}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3194}} ** 7. Patchnotes** Sometimes there are things that simply need to be changed. Here is the complete list! (FYI: I made some minor changes from the original concept, that´s why we´re already talking about V. 1.1 here) > **Patch 1.1:** (25.07.17) -_Let´s call it a health checkup:_ Shaz´Vans base stats have been slightly adjusted. Won´t will list the exact chages, because space... and laziness ;) -_An even bigger impact_: Range and slow of Dar´Dia, the Hammer of Fear was changed from ~~100 Units Range and 20% Slow for 0,25 seconds~~ to 150 Units Range and 50% Slow for 0,5 seconds. -_And when excatly would this happen?:_ Shaz´Van only gets 60% ~~(-1% per 35 AP)~~ (.1% per 150 HP) damage from blocked projectiles. -_Raise the army:_ Cooldown of _Cell Mutation_ has been changed from ~~45 seconds at all ranks~~ to 45/40/35/30/25/20 seconds. -_Safety first_: Minimum damage of Rin´Hoj, the Symbiont has been changed from ~~50/65/80/95/110/125~~ to 30/55/80/105/130/155. -_Those wounds hurt_: Additional damage from Rin´Hoj, the Symbiont has benn changed from ~~3% of their maximum health~~ to 4% of their maximum health. So yeah, that´s about it for this time! Hope you like my idea, post your opinion/ideas/thoughts in the comments, I won´t bite! :) And other than that, I can only say: Stay tuned for the next concept and thanks for reading! Till next time! Incaedeus
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