Idea for new champion: Valky, the Protective Reflex

To begin with, thank you very much for reading my ideas, I'm sure it will be worth your effort, thank you in advance. 1- Origin of the idea: A few days ago I was looking at myself in the mirror and I had a really weird thought! Why do people long for mirrors to show good things? Because they show only the truth and this is something really incredible. From this point I started to get ideas about a new champion, the champion that I will present to you in this post. 2- Introduction To The Champion : The champion is called Valky, is an ancestral being of his dimension that travels infinite dimensions to defend them against the creatures of the void. Valky is a support / magician who uses mirrors to defend his allies and attacks together (you will understand later). It will be a choice focused on enemy compositions that have many skill shoots. 3- Champion story : Valky was born in another dimension called "Celtus", a magical and peaceful dimension where "humans" live longer (around 300 years). In his childhood, Valky's hometown was invaded by void creatures (ancestors of the creatures of the void existing in runeterra) and all his family and acquaintances were murdered by the dark creatures. After the invasion, devastated by the losses, Valky acquired an immense desire to obtain power not to take revenge, but to protect anyone who was threatened by those creatures of the shadows. After wishing in suffering innumerable times, in front of him came a welcoming light, the light in turn became a mirror and seemed to call Valky to its interior, taken by the curiosity and without having what to lose, Valky entered in the mirror like it was A simple door. When his eyes became accustomed to the light of the place, he looked around and saw that he was in a bright room with many mirrors, after the astonishment he noticed a colossal creature who asked him if he would like to receive power to comply His desire, Valky quickly accepted and felt a strange force in his body, a force that changed his dress and his appearance. The creature trained Valky and taught him about his new powers and duties. After decades of rigid training, Valky followed through the universe and its dimensions to protect who needed and to try to eliminate creatures from the void. After centuries of journey through the universe, Valky has arrived in Runeterra, the place with the greatest appearance of void creatures nowadays, but it is different, due to having become immortal when receiving the power of reflection and the long years of travel through the universe, Valky Has lost a good deal of his sympathy and no longer knows exactly what it is to "help others," becoming a confused ancestor who seeks to eliminate void once and for all. 4- Champion Abilities : (I did not think about balancing and names for skills, I also did not think of conclusive recharge times and points of damage.) Passive - Valky can carry up to 10 "Mirror Fragments," fragments are gained through your Q ability and can be used to activate extra functions in some abilities. In addition, for each stored fragment, Valky receives less damage from skill shoots and ranged basic attacks, but receives more damage from melle skills and basic attacks. Q - Valky shoots a piece of mirror in a straight line, dealing damage to the first enemy champion and reducing cures for a certain time. If the ability hits a champion, Valky will receive 1 "Mirror Fragment" (Passive). W - This ability has a cost of 1 Mirror Shard for its activation. Valky creates a mirror in front of him, changing his position depending on his position (similar to the W of Anivia). The mirror has interactions with Valky skills and Skills shoots from enemies. Interactions: 1. If the Q skill hits the mirror, the mirror will break and shrapnel will be thrown into cone form, causing damage and slowness to enemies, after 1 second, Valky can reactivate the ability to pull the shards back, causing slowness and reducing cures by Time. 2. If an enemy skill shoot hits the mirror, the mirror will break and the cooldown of the skill will be higher, in addition, a percentage of the enemy skill's damage will return to the skill's owner. 3. If a redirected skill with Valky's E hits the mirror, the skill shoot will be redirected to the direction the mirror is pointing. E - Valky enters defense position while creating a mirror between his hands in one direction. During the duration of the skill Valky can not walk or use other abilities. The mirror in your hand can block the next enemy skill shoot (at initial levels, damage is reduced, only completely blocked at maximum level). If Valky has a "Mirror Fragment", the ability can be used to "absorb" the next skill shot allied to the mirror fragment cost. If an allied skill shoot is absorbed, Valky enters a reflex position, being able to redirect the skill shoot to the desired direction for the next 2 seconds (at the highest skill levels, the redirected skill shoot deals bonus damage). If the skill shoot eliminates the target, kill is for the skill owner. R- This ability has a minimum cost of 6 Mirror Fragments. The skill has different phases. 1 - Valky invokes a smaller version of the "Hall of Mirrors" (Where Valky gained the powers of the colossal creature). The invocation itself has a cost of 5 Mirror Fragments and takes 2 seconds. During this time Valky receives reduced damage from all sources but becomes immobile and becomes unable to use abilities. The invocation can be stopped by CC. If the invocation is not completed, Valky loses 3 Mirror Fragments. 2 - After invoking the "Hall of Mirrors", Valky can move around the place invoked, but can not abandon it. As long as the ability lasts, Valky can re-activate Skill on any wall within the range of ability to summon a glass spear in the indicated direction (similar to the Rumble ultimate, but only used on walls) causing damage and slowness . For each Mirror Fragment other than the 5 used for the invocation, Valky can summon 1 spear, if it is without fragments the hall is still active, but Valky can not invoke additional spears. 3 - You are probably wondering: what is the function of the "Hall of Mirrors" right? Well, do you remember the 5 Fragments used for invoking the hall? They will become the walls and altar of the place invoked (4 walls on the outside and 1 circular altar in the center, creating a kind of box with open spaces on the diagonals). The exterior walls will function as Valky's W. If an enemy skill shoot hits one of the 4 walls it will be blocked and the wall will break, releasing the access of future skill shoots from that direction, in addition, if the ability causes CC the next Valky spear will cause Stun instead of slowness. The altar in the center will drastically reduce the damage of the next melee skill in Valky, but after being broken Valky will receive bonus damage from melee champions. After all the walls are broken or the duration of the skill ends the Hall of Mirrors will disappear. Allies and Enemies can enter and exit the hall freely. 5- Overview of the Champion and his role in play : Valky is a strong supporter against long-range but extremely weak champions against melee. Because of this Cost-Reward, Valky can provide defenses to his allies with his W and R skills while using his E (or E + W) and Q skills to create fast, innovative moves. Valky is a champion with a new support gameplay, a support that helps his allies create quick and unexpected moves while protecting them from their distant foes. At the Valk Routes stage you will assist your marksman unexpectedly using W + Q or E + W combos (it all depends on how skillful the player is and their synergy with your marksman). During Team Fights, Valky will position himself behind the backline, use his R to create a safe field for his Marksman, and then assist the team with their lances and increased range abilities. 6- Design : I do not have a fully formed face for Valky but I already have some features. I drew his clothes and chose a hair. (I have the images but I do not know how to add them to the post, if you can help me, I thank you) Valky has the appearance of a boy of 16-20 years, has short gray hair shiny and wears a clothing basically white, in his dress has details of golden glass and has a cloak divided in 2 on his back. 7- Creator Comments : I really hope you liked it, if so, please share my idea. If you have any doubts, opinions or constructive criticism write in the comments. Thank you for reading my post and hope that my champion will be created one day (it is not necessary to be all created by riot, if my idea is useful to Riot I am already happy). {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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