Exclude a role for Autofill

Sometimes when I enter a ranked game I can not decide which lane I would like to play - I just feel like I am fine with whatever role I will be assigned to. That is why I loved the introduction of 'Autofill' option. Yet there is one thing that makes me struggle to opt for that - TOPLANE. I just hate that one certain role, and personally would have felt much better if I did not have to play it. Whatsoever, I believe this applies to a major part of the community - we all have a lane we would like to avoid as much as possible. This is why I propose we should include an option to exclude up to 1 role while autofilling. Main flow **1. Autofill with role exclusion ** 1.1. User enters ranked lobby, 1.2. User picks 'Autofill' as a first role, 1.3. User picks any option but 'Autofill' as a second role, 1.4. System displays 'Autofill' and role picked in step 1.3. in the role picker; the role is displayed in red to notify the User about it's exclusion 1.5. User enters queue, primarily searching for lobbies with all roles but one (chosen in step 1.3.) missing Alternative flow **2. Pure autofill ** 2.1. User enters ranked lobby, 2.2. User picks 'Autofill' as a first role, 2.3. User picks 'Autofill' as a second role, 2.4. System displays 'Autofill' in role picker 2.5. User enters queue, searching for lobbies with all roles missing Additional assumptions: - 'Autofill enabled' should still apply to excluded role - 'Autofill protected' should still apply to excluded role - being assigned to an excluded role should enable the 'Autofill protected' option in the next game
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