[Rework Concept] The Teemo can P off already...

Ladies and Gentlemen! I had a dream for a while. A dream to make my friend play other then Teemo. This friend of mine can play it anywhere and win the game... if the stars aligned. I actually like the flavor text. He is a true "wait and bait" as he is described but the ability set is soooo toxicly idioticly bullshit I can't even express it with my current word case. What I mean right now is the simple fact that Teemo require no exact knowledge other then some small mechanic trick and he will do wonders and releases poisonous gas everywhere and may kill you by attack speed. Here comes todays first joke. If you want to attack like Teemo with a blowgun, you will probably knock yourself out. Teemo is a yordle. He isn't a specially trained one either when it comes to pure strength. Teemo is a master marksman who can deliver more "bullets" then Caitlin. I stop wasting time I don't have problems or suggestions for his lore. He is fine he is kinda "cool" and it will salt you but I don't care. I'm not writing it because I think Teemo is a pice of bloody crap and have to be reworked. I writeing it because I have set that may be considerable. **_ #Passive -- Guerrilla Warfare Teemo gains stealth if he stands still for 1.5 seconds without acting or being acted upon. He will remain stealthed so long as he doesn't move, doesn't act, or is displaced. If within a bush, Teemo may move freely within its boundaries without breaking stealth. (First part stays) When Teemo breaks stealth, he gains the Element of Surprise for 3 seconds,_ making his first offensive move deal [base Damage/lvl + %ofAP] damage_. **_ Here the biggest change is the removal of attack speed. In my opinion Teemo isn't an ADC like stay and DPS champion but more like an AP Twich. %%%%erplay wise you have 2 options. You can mess with him by attacking him or you can try to bait out his 3sec bonus. I think both can be achived fairly well. **_ #Q -- Poison Dart Teemo launches a poison filled dart at his enemy. Dealing [Base Damage + (40-50)%AP] damage each second for 2 seconds. COOLDOWN: 8 sec Skill Shot Projectile speed: Fast **_ That is pretty much Blinding dart without Blind. It helps others who are facing him to be able to predict incoming damage and work against it. It is still Pretty strong. it will deal a total of 120-150% of AP BUT. It isn't a Piercing skillshot it will be his only truly offensive move and it will balance out things. He will also deal some bonus damage if he comes out of stealth. **_ #W -- Move Quick Teemo increases his movement speed by [%] for 3 seconds. While it is active he can also keep up Stealth. If he uses the skill in combat, he cannot be slowed but the bonus movement speed is only half. **_ Those who play Teemo can understand the change or not. I think this gives him that annoying aspect that some of us love to hate. It give teemo the chance to counter play slows and a lot of champion in general. **_ #E -- Noxious Trap Teemo can gather mushroom on the map. He can store up to 6 but only place down 2 at a time. After placing booth mushrooms he have vision on a small area around it and can reactivate the ability to slow and poison enemies. The poison deal low amount of damage. **_ Classic Teemo mushroom with a twist I hope you like it. It disables the infinite Teemo mushroom spam and the mine fields but it gives teemo more vision and map control. I think it is better then the simple version but still it can be problematic. **_ #R -- Solo Mission Teemo enters into stealth for a long period of time. He can go around to discover traps and disable them while he also able scout for enemy champions. If he gets too close he warns the enemy. If Teemo is spotted he gains movement speed but unable to use his Poison Dart or his Basic Attacks to deal damage for 2 seconds. COOLDOWN: 80/70/60 sec **_ This makes teemo more about scouting and "spying" on enemy instead of simply take them on face to face. It is like Evelyn's passive but he can disable traps that can help the whole team. He can also use it to bait. #Conclusion Keeping Teemo beginer friendly is important. This skill set does exactly just that. He looses most of his current power and BS that he have but gains more utility and he can be balanced any time with a lot of tools. As alaways, I want to see comment down below! Thx and bye

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