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Ok so I know Soraka has a forest nymph Skin {{champion:16}} But the one thing I always wanted to see her as is a Flower Nymph/Goddess. I already drew an idea for it back in 8th grade, and I personally think It would look pretty good on her. I may have replaced her horn with a small emerald one though. I mean, Soraka did have a pretty good communication with nature, and I think flowers and plants were included(I think) so why not? and if the drawing is kinda bad? well, it's just a colored sketch and planning on my basic idea on what this skin would look like in game play. and I'm even planning on making two more nature based skins for The Kindred, Janna and probably Xayah and Rakan? (I'm planning on making Elderwood skins for those two) so what do you guys think?
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