Birthday Coin

I believe you guys should make a coin named Birthday Coin where its given to the players at their birthday, as a fellow free 2 play player, getting the skin has been getting harder and harder due the big amount of skins being released each patch, making it hard and sad to get you desire, so I thought you guys should make this coin a thing so we could choose one single skin we want, a ward skin we want, a emote.. so on. To limit Skins, it should be a skin of Epic and less value, or can also get like a extra birthday coin (which is 2 years) to get a legendary skin you choose, I know this might sound greedy but also not giving free 2 players a chance to get a skin they want guaranteedly, permanent or skinshard is just also greedy when theres so manyy skins coming out. Just like the Dawnbringer & Nightbringer + Sugar Rush 2019 skins release, so many of them that increases the skin pool on chests & orbs dramatically making it much harder. Yes I know there are events and that you cna reroll to get a no-dupe skin and keep going on like that, but look. if you think about it, getting a skin you want in a huge amount of skins available in the game you must have huge RNG like that said person getting 3 legendarys in a row, that type of RNG. I've been playing since 2017 and I only have 42 till today, with chests being limited (Generates once per week as long theres a space available) and that champions only can get a chest every season, and that also you need keys which is composed of 3 key fragments to craft a full key to open a chest, Keys are easier to get, problem is chests. but what am I asking for is a Birthday Coin having what I stated in the beggining of the thread. It pains me looking at My Shop just to see a skin I want to so bad, problem aswell theres no give aways / theres giveaways with so much people while having a 0.001% chance to win it and so on. Can sound like a suggestion which I hope it becomes true, alot of people will be happy about this, im sure. getting 1 skin guaranteedly or as skinshard once a year shouldnt hurt Riotgames's profit oh btw might be in the wrong board cause i dont see 'suggestions' so i think creation & concepts could be the right place
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