Champion Idea, Aiden the Master of Arts

Sooo i wanted to TRY and make a swordfighter who needs some precision to use right, and who can potentially deal alot of damage,.. if you can play safe with him. his fixed health and the fact that he technically doesnt heal makes it hard to realy fight agressivly, you want to avoid fighting enemys head on however if you can fight at the right times you can deal incredible damage so since he doesnt have alot of mobility he could maybe be seen as a juggernaut assasine hybrid. if you can catch him he can die basicly isntantly since he can bee ccd and killed before he can do much. so poor choices wont help you, the way you aproach this champ is differently from any other champion in the game, you cant rly pick up pots at the beginning, nobody can heal you, but you can negate alot of damage and run away if needed, his ult is this ultimate finisher that however brings you so far away from anybody that falsly used makes you a dead man, on the other end it can if used right be like aa rumble ult or a victor laser, it can force fights, and break them up fairly easy now i rly wanted to make him work like vergil from DMC, where he has these stretched out movements with high damage, and the moment where you just wreck everybody if you played well like this, where he just charges goes in and ends them all, now that alone has problems because you cant just have a execute that aoes everything to death, so i made it physical damage and gave it a charge time, also ending it where you started might be a bit too safe / take utility out so i tried to change is up now this is more the core fantasy of the champion since we dont have this rly. yasuo and yi are well not rly that, mass autos and well yasuos q is basicly an auto so its supposed to be a bit different from that it WOULD be cool if you liked some of it passiv aiden has 500 fixed health, aiden cannot heal per healthregeneration lifesteal or ally heals ( excluding rune heals such as triumph or the healing part of grasp) ( will also heal in the fountain) he however will regenerate on takedown 20-40% of his total health and gain 1 stack of focus aiden gains 30-40-50% (increase on lvl 6-11-16) of his health and 150% of his total AD as a shieldgaige (aiden has no mana instead he has the shield gaige) if aiden has 0 shield, he will lose his focus stacks after 5 seconds q refined slash aiden will stand still for 0.5 seconds and slash in a cone on front of him dealing 110-120-130-140-150% Total AD and regenerate 50% of dealt damage as shield aswell (10% effectiveness on minions) gains per focus stack 3-5-7 ( increases at lvl 6-11-16 ) armor penetration ( tooltip: q can be used while also using w at the same time) w incredible reflexes, 10 sec if pressed for the next 0.5 seconds you can parry any incoming champion damage regenerating 30% of his shield for the first and additionally 10% per additional champion hits if you block a champion ability or critical strike you also get one stack of focus focus caps at 5 stacks at 5 stacks of focus increases the time of immunity to 1 second and also blocks towershots e passiv per stack of focus gains 1-2-3-4-5% movementspeed, at full stacks gains the ability to walk trough units ( creeps monsters champions) active: aiden will charge a short bit foward if it hits an enemy champion he will dash a bit further behind that champion dealing 50-90-130-170-210 plus 70% total AD slowing them for 20% and disarming them for 0.5 seconds r The Perfect Strike 140-120-80 sec passiv: aiden gains 400-800-1200 additional HP Aiden charges for 1 second and can slash a line of 1000 units dealing (300-500-700) plus 250% of his total ad IF he has any focus stacks he will move to the end of that line and charge another second and then deals 30-50-70 plus 50% total ad per focus stack to everyone standing on the line he has cut
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