Arrogant Players

I've played against a team at 2:00 AM in the enemy team there was a Singed who always laughed spammed, killed me and said some.. not so nice things.. but for that not enough he told that i was so bad that he's gonna stack his Mejai's up in no time (so he bought it). At the end Minute they even said. "Didn't we put the Bots on Intermediate" And if a person says that i think they need a restriction. But sadly Riot tells everybody "Hey this game is the best an (We're just getting Money and don't care about you, if you are asking for something [4rp] we ain't gonna give you that but maybe some Computer created Messages). I think that you definetly should give them a ban-thing like for goofing on A WHOLE TEAM. But in no time this Post will get deleted because Rito doesn't like people like me.. Don't believe me ? name: Panda Cannibal - Match History (The Cho'Gath one) and look at the enemy team. If you are working on Rito pls look at the game chat.{{champion:32}}
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