Eternals and the current state of League of Legends

Wow, this company never ceases to amaze me with their misguided sense of priorities. I understand they want to make money, but a player progression system that you have to pay for??... All I want is to stop losing hours in ranked games with troll team compositions and players that have 0 vision score at 35 minutes. The matchmaking system and client are absolutely broken. Everyone is disgruntled with the current state of the game and this is the best thing that the 2500 riot employees can come up with??? I guess they´re too busy giving free accounts to streamers. Very disappointed that this has become the norm. Sad that riot will never learn. We´re worried about the current state of the game and what it can become in the future. Riot must listen to us all and rethink what they´re doing. they must stop doing this cash grab systems and start thinking on the state of their game. League is not only a game, it´s our game and we have to criticize riot whenever they make a terrible feature like this one.
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