Levirah, the Pactmaker Of Shadow Champion Concept

Levirah, the Pactmaker Of Shadows, Champion Concept (League of Legends)
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_The official title that I gave Levirah might be "The Pactmaker Of Shadows" but I still refer to her as "Levirah, the Aspect of Depression". Too bad that aspects only come from Mount Targon._ League of Legends has much to offer for every taste. We have edge and cuteness, Anime, Disney, T-HOT-s, Fatties and Furries, Lolis, Flatbreasts, Muscles, Thighs, b00bs, .... However, the community is known for its amounts of salt and with salt comes depression. Yes, depression is always around and I missed that aspect - that PERSONIFICATION - in League. So violà, let's get it started! **Levirah, the Pactmaker of Shadows (Unofficial: Aspect of Depression)** > _Levirah: "You think life is that easy? Everybody got to pay a prize. And the shadows won't forget the debt that you have."_ **General:** Levirah is a control mage of the botlane. Born on the Shadow Isles she was raised to show neither mercy nor emotions, she was raised as an assassin who was able to communicate with shadows. Normal citizen could see the shadows and hear their voices but only certain people in the town were able to actually make pacts with the veil creatures. _"You have to pay a prize", the shadows say. "Life and blood is what we lack and life and blood is what we want."_ Levirah lost her brother to the shadows - he's wandering the League of Legends as shadow now, his real past as human long forgotten. In fear that she might lose herself as well Levirah tries her best to not rely on shadows but her last mission changed everything. Failing this mission, Levirah gets punished by her own people - they take her tongue and with it her voice, and they curse her so she can't get rid of the shadows ever again. She carries an amulet that she can't take off (or it will kill her), and this amulet attracts shadows. **Abilities:** _Passive (Damnation of the amulet):_ Every 30 seconds a shadow is called to Levirah through her shadow bracelet. Levirah can endure six shadows without negative consequences. The more shadows she has around her, the higher her life regeneration is (0 shadows: 0,6; 1 shadow: 0,8; 2 shadows: 1,0; 6 shadows: 1,8). If she collects more shadows than this, she'll lose health, trying to hold them from consuming her – 7 shadows: -10 health/sec; 8 shadows: -30 health/sec etc. _Q (Black Whip):_ Levirah takes her whip and can cast ranged auto attacks for 15 seconds. If she attacks an enemy champion, black stacks appear around him. With one stack, bleeding effect is applied (but just a little bit). With two stacks (only Levirah can apply them), the bleeding effect gets worse. When Levirah reaches six stacks, her sixth auto attack deals bonus damage. Per stack, enemies get slowed by 3 %. The stacks stay for 4 seconds until they vanish. With every auto attack Levirah does less damage. **(No shadow use)** Cooldown: 16/14/13/12/11 seconds _W (Dark cloak):_ Levirah uses a strong powder on a teammate to make him immune to the next incoming CC (surpression too). The powder lasts for 4/5/7/10 seconds. The powder can be broken with any spell (like Banshee's veil – if the champion gets hit by an ability, the powder is gone. A 5 seconds cooldown on the champion that had the powder on it, gets triggered). She uses two shadows for this ability and if she has left more shadows, she can recast ability until her shadows fall to zero. Allies who had the powder on them (either used or not) have a cooldown of 5 seconds on them before the powder can be recast. **(Shadow cost: 2 shadows)** Cooldown: 15/14/13,5/13/12 seconds (Cooldown gets triggered when no shadows are left or Levirah didn't use the left-over shadows for 5 seconds) _E (Talking to Shadows):_ Levirah gains one stack on her E every 20 seconds (Candy stacks). She can use the ability and gain one extra shadow at once [empowers others abilities]. After using her E for the first time, she can recast the ability after 0,5 seconds and throw a shadow. The first enemy hit will be feared for 1/1,5/2/2,5 seconds **(Shadow cost: One shadow)**. The time you have to recast E is 2 seconds. If you don't recast E in this time of 2 seconds, the ability doesn't have extra cooldown but you can use E for one more Candy stack at once. If you recast E, you have 4 seconds to throw a shadow (Levirah gets slowed from 10-20% during those 4 seconds). At the time-out of 4 seconds, Levirah will throw the shadow nevertheless and the ability goes on a 10 seconds cooldown. Cooldown: 10/9,5/9/8,5/8 seconds **tl;dr:** Use E -> 0,5 sec -> E recastable -> no recast -> 2 secs -> E usable again Use E -> 0,5 sec -> E recastable -> recast -> 4 secs (slow: 10-20%) -> throws shadow -> 10 sec cd Use E -> 0,5 sec -> E recastable -> recast -> 4 secs (slow: 10-20%) -> waits all the time -> 10 sec cd _R (Noxus' Darkness):_ Levirah selects a targeted area (distance: 3000?) and creates a nightmare that reflects all incoming damage for 1,5/2/2,5 seconds. With one shadow, she can absorb 200 damage, with six shadows she can absorb 1000 damage. It takes 1 second to create this area while every shadows form the orbit. (Shadow cost: All shadows stored) Cooldown: 120/110/100 seconds _(This means that enemy team can't do damage in the area. Imagine a Levirah player puts the portal on Baron Nashor while enemy team is doing it. The jungler won't be able to smite it until the ult expires and this makes room for a potential steal!)_ [(https://imgur.com/a/CTCnI : _I haven't been drawing for a very long time now and rediscovering the simplest mechanics was kinda fun ... In this album you can see my progress - from a base form Levirah to Noxus Levirah, Snowday, Deep Sea, Candy Rebel and Vampire Levirah. I'm still not good in drawing armor I figured but I am still proud of Deep Sea's or Candy Rebel's hair for example. Check it out if you're interested! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} _ Commentary to imgur: - Candy Rebel Levirah: "I don't usually participate in the Candy World. But then I found this wounded Gingerbread Man and he told me about the tyranny of Candy King Ivern. The tyrant uses to eat them alive and abusing them. I couldn't watch it any longer. I took up my weapons and I will help those brave civilists to defend themselves!" - Deep Sea Levirah: "They don't know the danger of deep water. I will show them the beauties ... and death." - Noxus Levirah: "What did the Shadow Isles give me other than pain, betrayal and suffering? When I came to Noxus I was taken in with open arms and I will return the favor. Not only for Noxus but also for Swain." - Snowday Levirah: "Snow can kill. I have felt the weight of wet snow upon me and I was reborn to make them suffer the same fate." - Vampire Levirah: "What do they know about hunger? Have they ever felt the need of blood so urgently that they would even rip their hearts out of their breasts to get one single drop of blood? They haven't and they never will. But I, I can wander this place and teach them a lesson." - Possessed/Haunted/Survivor Levirah: "The shadows are the only harmony there is." _Every champion needs the feels!_ **General stuff:** My theme for Levirah: https://soundcloud.com/ris-dominic/noragami-ost-blind-spot - Soundtrack until 1.15 ( I do not own this music!) _Interactions:_ Shadows gather around Levirah on the ground. They appear first behind her, then in front of her and finally next to her (compare to one of the imgur pictures, I've drawn it there). If she has six shadows, the next one will cling to her and change her way of behaving (Compare to passive: Losing health). If standing still, the shadows pull at Levirah and she seems frightened, trying to get them off. When she's walking, she's limping and fighting against the shadows, also frightened. The more shadows there are, the more voices say the voicelines. If she has too many shadows, the normal interactions (described as following) change too. When told a joke normally, Levirah listens and reacts somehow but if there are too many shadows, she closes her ears and screams. During taunt, when shadows bring her stuff, she takes it into her hands and looks at it before throwing it away but if there are too many shadows, she won't even look but turn away her face, shivering. If she is asked to dance with too many shadows around her, she will shake her head. If she's asked to laugh, she will shake her head too. **Joke (the shadows do the talking):** [Samples] Joke lines (the shadows talk): - "They said, she's not his daughter but she still remembers parts of their past together." - "Who knows what could happen with two people who escaped the void without returning to it?" - "We wonder if she would make out with him if she didn't have the faint memories of her past." - "We wonder if she's capable of loving. Malzahar is still single." - "Oh Taliyah, you said there was nothing between Yasuo and you. Poor little liar." - "Yasuo still wears the little hairband Taliyah gave him back then." - "Taliyah pretends a lot – Stoneweaver, hero from Shurima, rescuer to Yasuo. We can pretend too." - "Graves can't go anywhere with his cigar. He probably even takes it into bed with him." - "Does Katarina even love Garen or did he force her to do something she didn't want to? And why didn't Galio help her then?" - "Galio, the protector of Demacia. Seems like he's sneaking Garen into Katarina's tent during war." - "Maybe Galio isn't as white as he is portrayed as. Or maybe he's just that naive." - "Do you think that Swain could ever love you? His ability to love died with his left hand." - "Swain seems caring but is he really? He seems to only care for Noxus and power." - "You like the name, don't you? Jericho Swain doesn't admire you or your qualities. He's just using you." - "Do you remember the little mistress he had before you? Lysanna? The one that threatened you to burn your face one day? Swain's meeting up with her regularly." - "You're not good enough for any of them. Neither Swain nor Darius nor the shadow behind them. You just don't belong to Noxus, child." - "What is Draven doing in his free time you ask, when he's not executing someone? Oh, we forgot, you can't talk." - "Your brother got consumed by shadows? It looks for us as if he chose to get consumed." - "Your brother showed you a free will but yet you're reluctant to follow his example. Just give in." - "You pay the price with the blood of others but one day, there won't be anyone to kill anymore." - "Swain doesn't call LeBlanc an enemy with benefits without reason. Seems like you lost this invisible fight, Levirah." - "You call those skills? It looked really poor for us. No wonder you failed your mission." - "Lux knows a lot more than one might think. Zoe believes that Lux loves Ezreal but Lux knows to whom Ezreal's heart really belongs." - "We're really fond of gems but there is an intruder who wants to take away our gems. It seems that he loves them more than us." - "Ezreal, Lux, Zoe, Taric. What a complicated story with lots of different truths." - "Zoe talks a lot about mooncakes. We ate all of them centuries ago. Poor little child." - "Some might ask how old she actually is. Fourteen of more of an older age? Or does an aspect change age like it pleases?" - "She is nobody to Ezreal. Why would he notice such a child? He wants someone more mature, someone like... Lux?" - "Lux has many admirers and many enemies. But she seems to be much more invested in her family." - "She says she's a Marai and Fizz doesn't belong to their race. But what if both sea creatures were from the same mother? The truth would break their world." - "Wukong really loves thinking about long things. Listening to his thoughts is getting disgusting after a while." - "Hello there, did you know that Lulu doesn't see any colours?" - "Yep, that tasted purple – she doesn't even know what purple is." - "Aurelion Sol is nothing more than a dog playing with his toys. You can call them stars if you're fond of it." - "Amumu thinks he knows what true sadness is. Levirah, don't you want to tell him more about it?" - "Sadness and depression and Amumu can't differ one from another." - "Akali is shadow-dancing. Does that mean she can actually see us?" - "Some of them pretend to see the shadows and make pacts with us. What a show." - "Kayn and Zed, what a lovely sight. One will probably meet the other under the shower ... to ask something, of course." - "Zed was so lonely that he had to create himself friends. He calls them shadows but we know better. Sad that Syndra didn't approve him." - "Syndra is cold-hearted to decline Zed's tries. I guess she just doesn't like him. - "Rakan thinks, he's the only one for Xayah. Little did he know." - "They are simply pretending. Xayah has many ways to reach what she wants." - "Xayah has a cute face but whenever she opens her mouth, we wish she were as tongueless as you." - "Lovebirds, huh. They can neither fly nor can they pay the price when asked for it." - "Do you wonder why Rakan loves looking into the mirror? He spectates people when they think he has his back turned on them." - "Where does Rakan pull his flower out? Iiiih ... It really can't smell that well if you ask us." **Taunt (Shadows bring Levirah stuff):** Stuff I've considered: Alistar's Cowbell Annie's Tibbers Bard's Chime Bard's Meep A poro One of Draven's axes A spider Gnar's boomerang A cigar Katarina's dagger Leona's shield Lucian's gun Lulu's staff Maokai's sappling Nami's staff Rakan's mirror (the one he has in his hand) Xayah's feathers (or an egg hahahaha) A box from Shaco Sivir's blade Gems A bomb from Ziggs Levirah takes it, looks at it and throws it back into the shadows. If there are too many shadows, she looks away or covers her face and shivers without looking at it. **Dance:** https://youtu.be/EceZFyyXsIQ?t=103 until 1.53 **Laugh:** She didn't laugh for a long time, so it sounds a little bit like choking. **Recall:** Basically my idea for the recall: Levirah get pulled into a shadow portal. However, Dark Star Jarvan got announced not a long while ago and lmao it's waaaaay to similar. So I don't have a recall idea yet :( > **Thank you for reading to this part! I hope you like my champion concept! I tried to implement a control mage that has something different from all the supports in the game right now and who knows, maybe one day Levirah will be a substantial part of League Of Legends!** ___ > _ Levirah: "What would be a champion without his background story? You shouldn't forget to put it in as well. It helps understanding what you thought about when you wrote about me, summoner."_ **Story 1: Her Last Goodbye** Her last goodbye The watchtower floods the night with blending light. It is cold outside and most trespassers are hugging their coats to keep their warmth inside. The guard however only has his little lamp with the little flame to keep him warm and not even his coat can protect him from the cold. “Damn it”, he whispers and watches his breath disappear in the air. Watching the town as it sleeps is tedious work and he feels as if he was punished for something. No, it's not sleeping, he corrects himself in thoughts and looks down on the people that are hiding in shadows and corners. The Shadow Isles never sleep and the voices can't be put to rest. “On such a cold night lonely and alone”, someone whispers behind his back and two female hands grab him by the shoulders. He turns his head and a smile warms his face when he sees a woman with dark hair and dark eyes. “Celine”, he greets her, grabs her by the hips and pulls her closer, leaning in for a kiss. She laughs, kisses him for a second, two seconds, then pulls away with light laughter. “You need to let me pass, Kauldrin. I've got some shadow herb to collect. Or do you want me to beg you to let me pass?” She raises an eyebrow and moves in his embrace but he smiles, leans away and opens the door to the watchtower. “You are free to pass, my lady”, he whispers, watches her as she leaves and returns to his work. The lady however looks back to him and when she is sure that he isn't paying attention anymore, she slips away, climbing the watchtower instead of leaving it. On top of it, she opens another door and there is another person standing in the shadows, watching the watcher who is oblivious to the eyes above him. “You know, it doesn't feel good lying to him”, Celine says calmly and stands next to the shadowy figure. “You also know that I am on mission and not allowed to come by until I'm finished. Being here brings us both in danger.” She turns around, leaning against the fence that keeps people from falling into the blackness of the night. “Celine, I just need to know, how's Marin?” She turns her head. “Still coughing, the poor child. I give her medicine every day as I'm supposed to but I fear the general living conditions don't match her current state of health. Levirah, you should ...” She raises a hand and shakes her head. “I don't want to hear about it anymore. What I should do and what I shouldn't. They tell me one thing, the shadows tell me another and my heart shows me a third way.” They stand in silence, one looking down at the brave guardian, the other looking into the darkness that is inside the watchtower where the door is left widely open. Then Levirah turns her head, her eyes small. “Don't you ever think you should just let go of this lifestyle? You have a man who loves you”, she gestures vaguely down at the guardian, “you have a job to do in any normal town - I mean, you're a healer - and you don't look any different from other people. Unlike me.” “You look different because you _think_ you're looking different. It's just the aura you're keeping around yourself, Levirah. You can leave it all behind as well, you can come with me. Take Marin and let's leave ...” Levirah is shaking her head with every word. “There is no leaving for me. When I leave, I take the shadows with me and with the shadows the masters come. As ridiculous as it may sound, the safest place for Marin is here on the Shadow Isles. I can be sure nobody will look for her and nobody will try to kill her.” She giggles but it doesn't sound healthy. “Who would have thought I would care about the child of my brother one day. Little bastard.” She pushes herself off the fence and looks back down to the little flame of the little guardian. A wind is rising and making Celine shiver. “You're coming back, aren't you?”, she asks and hears herself how unsure her voice sounds. Levirah turns towards her, takes her shoulders into both hands and looks her directly into the eyes. Piercing green into black brown. “Why wouldn't I?”, she said. She smiles. “I've never failed a mission.” This time, Celine is crying as Levirah is taking her leave but as every proud citizen of the Shadow Isles, she hides her tears behind a mask of lack of interest. Months later it is known – Levirah has failed her mission to kill the Noxian leader. They whisper it in the shadows and they tell it on every corner of the streets. Nobody is saying it to one another's face and nobody is saying it out loud but they all know what greatness they have lost with their most talented shadow. And now she's gone. Normal days feel different now. The streets feel different when you know your best friend is gone and the child that is coughing sounds different now, when you know you're the only one to look after it. Celine sees it in every shadow and in every face but instead of breaking - “Kauldrin, do you love me?” She rises in the bed, a blanket around her shoulders, covering only half of her back. He reaches out for her, puts his hand on her warm skin and pulls her hair, which is falling in gentle curls over her shoulders. “Of course I do. I love you more than anyone else in the world. Why do you ask?” “I want to leave this place.” His smile extinguishes, he rises too now. His eyes are worried. “Are you in problems?”, he asks but she shakes the head. “A friend of mine left a child to care about here. The child is sick, she might actually die.” “But you're such a great healer, can't you make her healthy again?” “No, I fear that her sickness doesn't come of natural happenings. I tried everything I know but she's coughing all the time. She must leave the place.” “And you want to leave with her?” “I'm obliged to do it. I promised to look after her, even after my friend's death.” She stares blankly into the air. His arms embrace her and pull her closer. He lays a chin onto her shoulder and catches her eye. “It's Levirah, isn't it”, he asks without making it a question and when he sees the dull eyes he nods and thinks. “You don't necessarily have to leave with the child, my love. We can just bring the child to a friend of mine and he will take good care of her, I promise you. It's not on the Shadow Isles and you can even visit her every time your heart desires it … after you've married me.” And with a smile he watches her face change from sorrow to joy. Where death is, more death follows. One day, the pregnant woman finds a note on her table with a message to her that tells her to come to the watchtower at night. Frozen with fear she tells her husband and he forbids her to go to the place. Guardians are selected for her personal safety and follow her everywhere she goes but nevertheless, another message reaches her while she is bathing: It is urgent that they meet up. There is no delay possible. Her husband goes mad over the repeated message although he did so much to protect his wife – now, she isn't allowed to be anywhere alone anymore, her trusted maid follows her everywhere and whenever possible, guardians are present as well. That night though the pregnant woman could not sleep. She turns around in her bed, looks at the window and at the empty place in the bed next to her. Kauldrin is out on night's shift and she knows that two guardians are standing outside the door. The maid is sleeping in a bed in the same room and the pregnant woman can hear her snarling. Silently, she stands up, goes to the window and opens it, looking at the moon. For a short second, there is a shadow flying across her sight, a hand pressing on her mouth and suddenly, she's lying on the floor. She wants to scream but then she looks into two wild green eyes and freezes instead. “Don't scream for your guardians or I swear, I'll kill them both where they're standing.” The hand lifts and the woman steps back. “So you're married now. Too comfortable to go to our meeting place. To afraid to be in contact with old friends.” “You were dead”, Celine says. “They said you died in Noxus.” “I have returned from the death as it seems.” Levirah laughs but there is no joy in her voice. “I might have died for the Shadow Isles but I still have business here. Where's Marin?” Levirah's eyes don't let go of the pregnant woman who is pressing both her hands on her chest, suddenly lacking air. She's gasping and making gestures without saying anything. Levirah goes into knees beside her and slaps her on the back, pulls her closer and embraces her. “I thought … you were dead”, Celine repeated and tears ran down her cheeks. “Everybody thought that … you were … killed … during your mission … and ...” “Did Marin die?” Levirah stands up and the wildness returns into her eyes as she's looking down at the pregnant woman. “Did she just die?” “No.” Celine shakes her head and wishes she wasn't crying right now. “We gave her away, to an old friend of Kauldrin. He said they would look well after her and she might get rid of her coughing there.” “Did she?” “She doesn't cough anymore, no. But she doesn't talk either. It might just be the shock because you died … the child wasn't ready for it, she's so young, she doesn't understand most of what is happening to her, you have to understand.” There is a knife in Levirah's hands. She's studying it, reflecting the moonlight in it. The pregnant woman is in terror. “She's safe there”, she whispers and Levirah looks at her. She slowly nods. “Where is it?”, she asks calmly and sits down to meet Celine face to face. Now, the pregnant woman raises her voice in panic and screams: “Don't hurt me, it wasn't my fault that she's safer there than here!” Immediately, the door is broken open and the two guards are standing in the room. For a second, a mere moment, Celine is looking at them enter and when she turns to face Levirah again, there is nobody. “Are you alright, my lady?”, one of the guardians says and puts his sword back in its sheath. Celine is confused – was it just a dream? - and slowly nods. She stands up, puts her hands onto her round belly and brushes away her tears. “It was just a bad dream”, she says, “I'm fine.” On the outside of the house, next to the window, Levirah is standing in the full moonlight and looking up to the sky. She wants to scream because of the injustice, she wants to fight, she wants to jump, wants to tear her hair out but she remains calm on the outside. Only her eyes speak of what is happening inside of her. _I take the shadows with me and with the shadows the masters come._ When she is standing in front of her masters, surrounded by people and shadows and voices, she raises her chin high and says: “I came to the conclusion that Jericho Swain is no threat to the Shadow Isles. He can control the powers of the pale lady and must not be killed in order to keep the natural habits.” She doesn't see the blows coming that push her to the ground. She is surrounded by the question: “Who corrupted you? Who is in alliance with you? Who changed your mind and allowed you to step back from your mission?” And there is blood and pain and all she says is: “It was my own decision. Consider it as my last goodbye.” _________________ **Story 2: The One Who Got Away** Kill Jericho Swain. The name throbbed in the back of my head and filled me with an indescribable feeling of what? Joy? Excitement? Tension? I stood on my balcony, uncertain of what feeling to display on my face, so I kept on my unmoved mask and answered: “I will look to have it done, master.” “I don't doubt that”, he replied through the shadows and disappeared as quickly as he had appeared a moment ago. I raised my hands and stretched, giving a yawn. Just yesterday late in the night I have returned from another mission but as it seemed, there was no break for me planned. I sighed. Jericho Swain, the grand general of Noxus. I have heard about him. Not only people whisper his name but shadows speak of him too. Standing at a mirror and brushing my hair I tried to picture him before my inner eye but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't imagine a man who would live up to the words and rumors I have heard about him. He'll probably be a weakling, and old man not able to stand on his own two feet, a fool and a pretender – they always are. In thoughts I picked up my gear and prepared for my mission. However, before I could leave the Shadow Isles, I had to do something else. “Hello darling.” I knelt next to the little girl and smiled at her. How old was she? A little more than one year? Older? Younger? I couldn't remember anymore. Time passed differently for me and I have lost all power to count properly. “What is this?” She looked up from her toy and looked at me for a short second, with blank eyes and a blank face. The puppet in her hand seemed to be forgotten and then the girl was staring past me as if I wasn't there. I stroked her hair and stood up. “How long will you be gone?” My best friend – probably my only friend – had her arms crossed in front of her chest. Her face was unmoved but her eyes were begging me to stay. Maybe she was right. I was more away than here at home with my brother's child and my best friend. “I'm sorry that you have to look after Marin again, Celine. I wish, I had the choice to stay. I will come by during my mission if I can, you know where to meet me then.” She nodded but her arms were still crossed in front of her chest and her eyes were still cold and sad. For a short second I was tempted to embrace her but we people from the Shadow Isles don't show our affection. The mask on our faces and the lack of interest on the face, those were standards for the people here. Shadows don't have emotions. Being out in the wilderness was refreshing. The wind was blowing softly and the air smelled of trees, leaves and fresh branches. The land however was scarred with war whenever I passed a battlefield. Corpses and crows, blood and armor and bare earth. It wasn't a pleasant sight and it wasn't pleasant to listen to the shadows that were creeping around, telling the stories of the dead. As I was traveling by myself there was no possibility to distract myself with someone else but I had to listen to the shadows. Noxus seemed a cruel place to me when I heard what their soldiers have done to the people. Sometimes I was shivering in horror when I listened to the stories and I was glad that I wasn't born a soldier but an assassin. There are no real fights if you make it right – you make your way in stealthy, you go quickly in for the kill and cleanly leave again. If you're not detected, you are safe, but no mistakes are allowed. I pulled up my hood as I rode into the great city of Noxus. Amidst of everything stood the Immortal Bastion, the place where I hoped to find my target. I wouldn't go in immediately, I had to observe the city, become one with its traditions and way of thinking before I could develop a feeling for the assassination and complete my mission. The people didn't seem any different than in the Shadow Isles at first sight here – that made me wonder – and nobody looked at me as I was riding my horse to a tavern in the city. The landlord of this tavern didn't even look me into the face as he took my money to give me a room and the people in the tavern itself were strangely quiet and not interested in trespassers. The first days I was wondering a lot about my surroundings but eventually, I got used to it quickly. Some day I even came to ask one person in the tavern, a young worker man, if he knew anything about Swain that could be of interest for me. He was looking at the money I put on the table before me and raised an eyebrow. “You're an foreigner, I assume.” He drank from his beer, looked around and said with chilly voice: “No money of the world can help you kill Swain. He's a beast that even nightmares can't match. His eyes can kill and nobody can touch him without being turned into a crow himself. Keep your money.” With this words he left his leftover beer where it was and left the tavern. I was left without any more clue than I had before. Almost the same scenario occurred with every person that I asked on street and sometime I stopped asking to not provoke more attention than I already had. To enter the Immortal Bastion proved impossible. There were guards everywhere and they would not let you pass if you couldn't tell them who you were and what you wanted. I used my time to linger outside the bastion and watch the people enter and leave. One day I noticed a group of servants that used a different entrance with bowed heads and did their work without saying a word to each other. Around midday one and the same young girl with hazelnutbrown hair used to wash laundry in a bucket filled with the water from a fountain not far away from the bastion. She was pretty but like everybody else she didn't talk. I approached her one day and asked if there was work in the Immortal Bastion but I might have as well talked to the shadows by my side – she didn't even react. Probably a month has passed since then and I've decided to try a different method of assassination this time, different from what I was used to. I was ready for the kill – at least as ready as it was possible this time. I planned to use the servant's entrance, work my way through the bastion and find Swain. This didn't sound like a safe plan but once inside the bastion, things might turn out more easy than it sounded. Due to war preparations I feared that Swain might leave Noxus and go to the front, thus making my prepartions worthless. This was no option for me. My mission was clear. However, when I was making my way to the bastion I noticed the birds around in town. There were bird on the rooftops, on the windowpanes and on lamps, birds on the streets or on shoulders of people. All of them were black and seemed to look at me. _When he has his eye on you, you should be running._ I looked at my shadow and saw how it was shaking its head. “What do you mean?”, I wanted to ask but I knew it was pointless to try and talk to shadows. Unless you pay the price there was no communication possible. I knew what the shadow meant the instant I came to the Immortal Bastion though. There were no guards at the main entrance. As long as I have been watching this place, there always were guards. They were talking with every trespasser who wanted to enter the bastion and they would write down name and issue but today, the entrance looked dead. My senses were tickling. A trap? _When he has his eye on you, you should be running._ The shadows never ever told me warnings when I was on missions. Was it a joke or were they serious this time? I decided to not rush and turned back instead. I was running through the nearby streets, ducking into shadows and turning corners, then I saw them: soldiers lingering in houses, watching the entrance from afar. The realization struck me like a lightening: They knew that something was odd, they were awaiting somebody ... _Thank you_, I whispered in my head to my shadow and slowly made my retreat. At this moment, all the birds in towns started caw-ing at the same time, rising into the air and flying towards my position. The soldiers looked towards the noise and noticed me standing there, with that look on your face when your cover was blown, but before they could even react, I started running. The birds followed and I ran. I ran and the birds followed. I passed the tavern, I passed a lot of people and fountains and soldiers who weren't even looking when I passed. Then I reached the poorer sides of Noxus and suddenly, in the glimpse of an eye, the birds were gone. Gasping for air I ran to a crumbling building and climbed it, then I sat down and positioned myself favorably so that I could see the street but following soldiers wouldn't be able to see me from there. “It was just a matter of time until assassins would come in search for me.” With an unheard scream I turned around in shock and found myself facing a tall man with a battleworn armor and a coat around his shoulders. I leapt on my feet and went back until I felt the wall behind me, giving me some strength. I haven't been surprised like this ... in ages. Under my shoes I could feel the floor gently trembling. “I was just surprised that it took you so long to start your actions.” He moved slowly towards me but his body spoke no language of threat nor fight. We might have met on the street like this. If not for his aura and the darkness surrounding him I would have even thought of him as of an ordinary man with some grey in his hair but seemingly attractive. Interestingly enough, the shadows around me were all whsipering one and the same thing and it took me some seconds to make the word out: _Swain._ I had to flee. This was no assassination possibility and my whole body screamed at me to turn around and jump out of the window to my left. I haven't been in this situation before, I didn't even have the time to properly check out my surroundings in case I had to make a quick leave as I usually do. However, why was Swain just standing there, without at least the faintest hint that he would go after me if I tried to make a run? My senses were tickling and warning me. It seemed like an easy escape but he was not without reason called the master tactician. I stayed put. “You have no way to escape. You were sentenced to death the moment you stepped into my city and to death I shall lead you.” I looked him right into the eyes, bloodred into wild green, and searched for truth in them. Then I smiled, shifted my weight and with all my might bumped into the crumbling wall behind me. As the wall broke, the whole house lost it's hold and every stone came crashing down. I fell hard onto the ground but I knew that I only won a little bit of time, so I jumped to my feet and started running. Behind me I heard a scream that could freeze blood in your veins and when I threw a quick look behind me I saw a gigantic raven breaking free from the stones. I had never run so fast in my entire life. I could hear people scream and ravens screamed too and I think once I screamed as well. In full run I jumped into the sewers and hoped, he'd lose me underground but as soon as I landed in the damp water I knew I hadn't escaped yet. While I was running through the dim light, I saw a group of people in front of me. For a second, my heart stopped because I thought it were soldiers and then I saw that they were holding a woman in their arms, searching her for money. Thieves. “Run, you fools, Swain is coming!”, I screamed and ran past them. For a second I saw that the woman being robbed was the one I tried to speak to at the fountain of the Immortal Bastion, the one with the hazelnutbrown hair. Our eyes met for a second, then the inhuman scream of Swain filled the sewers. The thugs started running, leaving the woman behind her but none of them were fast enough. I didn't look back but I heard how their screams were silenced at once. In the sewers I had an advantage – I knew the territory because I had searched this place in hope the sewers would connect to the Immortal Bastion. So I ran with certainty to a labyrinth of tunnels and hid in one little space that was so dark so I was practically invisible. After a while of distant screams and silence I heard Swain coming after me and fear grabbed hold of me. _Please, help me,_ I thought to the shadows and at the same second their response was: “Are you ready to pay a price?” “I will give you my blood if you safe me from detection”, I whispered, grabbed my knife and cut my arm. Red warm blood poured out of the wound but never reached my clothing nor fell to the ground – the shadows drank it immediately. I was paying the price. Losing consciousness because of the blood loss I could see that Swain was slowly approaching my hiding place, then the world went black. When I awoke, I was alone. I checked my arm to see that the wound has healed to a certain extent and as it seems, the shadows have fulfilled their part of pact. Unsteady I got up and tumbled back through the sewers. I climbed outside again and hid in an house entrance so that the black birds on the sky won't see me. As I was slowly making progress towards the town's exit I realized that I wouldn't be able to leave – many guardians were standing at the main gate and controlling leaving people, also I couldn't return to my hometown when my mission wasn't finished. _Now I know what I'm facing at least_, I thought to myself and leaned against a wall, breathing heavily. I was hungry and needed a place to stay. There was no chance to return to the tavern where I was sleeping usually – Swain seemed to have gathered many more information about me than I had about him. I came into motion again and eventually ended up at the fountain of the Immortal Bastion again. And as I was standing there, I had an idea. It would just take some cruelty to do it but this cruelty would be lifesaving. The nights were horrible. I haven't lived through this kind of treatment for many years now but I also gladly discovered that I haven't unlearned what I knew from my years living with servants. My only problem was that I didn't know how the original Kassy used to behave around her masters but the way they treated me showed me a lot about how I was supposed to behave. She must have had a bitter life, I thought more than once to me. A lot of additional work was placed on my shoulders and when I came back to my sleeping place I often found it gone or filled with disgusting dirt or worse. I used to sleep elsewhere then and clean my place when daylight filled the room, so I could actually see. Resentment and gratitude to be alive helped me go through the same day over and over again and even when I had blue spots all over my body I could still keep going. I was making myself precious in the kitchen and helped cooking a lot (yes, I improved a lot in those skill during that time) and cleaned without saying a word. Around midday I always went to wash the laundry. One day some thugs thought they could step up to me and harass me but I taught them a severe lesson without making it a complete bloodbath. All in all, I was surprised how easy it was to trick the people with some tricks to made my ravenblack hair into hazelnut brown. It seemed that Kassy didn't look people into the faces and nobody actually knew how she really looked like, so my cover was almost perfect. I was allowed to clean the main hall of the Immortal Bastion more often than I had to stay in the kitchens or in hall rooms, so I was able to see a lot of meetings out of the shadows. I learned that Swain had lost my track (I almost died of fear when I met him again even when he was feet away and I was just a mere servant, so he wouldn't pay attention to me) and that Darius sent out his soldiers to search the city because he believed I was still in town. “The one that got away” they called me with grim faces and one day, they eventually gave up. It wasn't carried out to public that the assassin was able to escape but it hurt the noxian pride a lot and I could see it in the way they were talking. Then, because of my excellent work, my master, a fat foul breathing woman with little hair, took my to her side and said: “Go clean the dining room today. There is a meeting in the main hall, you can clean it later. For the banquet, everything has to be in perfect condition. I count on you.” “Yes, master”, I said in a low tone – she liked it – and went immediately to work. As I was working, the doors opened and somebody entered the room. I didn't look up but continued my work, until - “Meetings can be utterly frustrating. I prefer sitting with soldiers than highborns if anyone was to ask me.” I froze and kept my head down, bowing towards the voice. Jericho Swain, it throbbed in the back of my head again. I kept silent. “Call your master here, I need to talk to her.” I hurried out of the room, leaving my cleaning stuff behind, my heart beating to the throat. I almost ran to the kitchen and to my master, who was busy yelling at maids to hurry up cooking. As she saw me, her face switched from confusion to anger: “What are you doing here, you have a job to do!” “Swain asks you to meet with him in the banquet room. He needs to talk to you.” My master, suddenly pale, yelled some more orders and left somebody in charge for the kitchen while she was away. We were running back to the banquet room, my master was fixing her appearance, mumbling: “I'm not clean enough to step before the master.” Then we opened the door and there he was, Swain, sitting on his great chair, one leg on the other rubbing his chin. He watched us entering and I kept my head down, staying at the door while my master hurried up to him and bowed deeply. “You have called, Swain”, she says humbly. As high as she was in rank she was allowed to talk almost freely with him. “I've decided to postpone the banquet. Darius is still talking with the ambassadors and it will take a while.” “Yes, Swain, I will look that the cooking will be done properly. Do you have more wishes?” “Is that girl new?” I winced and stood there without motion. “Kassy is working in the Immortal Bastion for some months now, tending after the laundry and doing most of the cleaning. Lately I have discovered her talent for cooking so she's capable of helping out in the kitchen, Swain. If she did something wrong, I can look for a proper punishment and ...” “No”, said Swain. “I want her to come to my room tonight, after the banquet. Make sure she's dressed well and clean, give her a warm bath.” I could feel his hot eyes burning my skin while my whole back was cold with sweat. “Yes, Swain”, said my master, bowed again and when she was leaving, she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me with her out of the room. “You have heard the master's order”, she told me. I was too scared to answer. I had to stay in the water until my skin was red of all the rubbing and scrubbing. I haven't been that clean for months now and I have almost forgotten how it felt like to smell of soap and perfume. The dress they had given me was awful and even in my hometown I could have made a better dress out of a mere bag. Dressed up like this the guards led me to Swain's rooms and let me enter. I kept my head down and stood at the door, trying to sense his presence without looking. If I looked up he would recognize me, I had no doubt, and if he knew who I was, my cover and my life would be blown. One single fire in the fireplace lightened the room dimly. There were two armchairs standing near the fireplace and in one, Swain was seated. He wore casual clothes but he had a glove on his left hand as I could see. “Come in. Be seated.” He pointed at the armchair with the other hand and put his hand on his chin, looking at me intensely. “The dress doesn't suit you”, he said. I didn't answer and sat down in silence. I looked at the fire, my hands in my lap. I wondered if he could smell my fear or if I was being paranoid. “Do you fear me?”, he asked out of the blue. A shiver ran through my body. “It would be unwise not to, sire”, I almost whispered. My fingers were moving by themselves, not resting but showing how troubled I was right now. “Why do you fear me? You are allowed to answer freely.” “They say that you ...”, my brain was working at its best to think about an answer that Kassy would say, “they say that you have your eyes everywhere, master.” I looked at my hands and ordered them to keep calm. He nodded, then he pointed at the little table between the armchairs and asked: “Do you play chess?” “I learned it once but I fear I already forgot how it goes”, I answered and wondered if Kassy could play chess. If she didn't die in the sewers that day when Swain was chasing me, I might have known some day. Sadly, I couldn't talk to the dead. Swain laughed. “Forgot how it goes? Let's make a deal, Kassy. If I win this match, you'll spend the night with me but if you win, I won't bother you any more. After all, I have mistresses to ask into my room.” I smelt the trap as soon as he offered me this deal. If I won against the master tactician himself, there was the small question left of how the mere servant could win – but if I lost, I might not get out alive of this. The thought of assassination was forgotten a long time ago, all I wanted was to survive. “I'll leave you the first draw.” Swain pointed at the chess table. I moved a pawn and started the game, gambling for my life. During this game of chess I discovered that he was playing with me. He was setting traps: he moved his pawns so stupidly that even the dumbest chess player would make the right move and if I wouldn't follow his suggestions that he set quietly, he might have become suspicious of me. However, I had to be very carefully to not become too smart while playing. It was a game of death, balancing on the abyss and one wrong step would kill me. Then I saw my opportunity and set a trap myself. He said: “Check.” I moved my pawn and one, two, three, suddenly: “Checkmate.” I've won. Swain leaned back in his armchair, rubbing his chin and looking at me with his burning eyes. I didn't look back but I kept the chess plate in sight, asking myself if I had made a mistake by winning. We stayed in silence, then he broke it: “You learned it once but you fear that you forgot how it goes, I see. We had a deal.” He patted on his lap and said calmly: “But if I ordered you to sit on my lap you would do it. Come here.” I rose, trembling and breathing heavily. I went around the chess table and sat down on his knee. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer. His mouth was next to my ear and he whispered: “And if I was to order you to endure my kisses, you wouldn't flinch at them.” Suddenly his arms were gone but the heat where he touched me stayed on my cool skin. “But it wouldn't be fun, would it? Go.” “Yes, master”, I managed to say, stood up and ran out of the room. I could feel his eyes haunting me and they followed me even into my dreams. It was as he promised: Swain left me untouched for almost a week. The other girls in the kitchen were looking strangely at me when I passed by and I thought I heard the word “cursed” more than one time whispered. I had a lot of time to think while I was working and while I did my jobs I was planning on how to flee from this place. Would Swain's eyes follow me when I was leaving? Could I even escape unseen? Would they try to kill me or could I tell him that he promised to keep me unharmed? I doubted it. The lotion that helped me keeping my hair hazelnut brown instead of ravenblack was almost finished and I knew, I couldn't stay here any longer. I had to find a way to escape. One week after the incident I was walking towards the kitchen when two people approached me, talking. I caught a glimpse of Darius and Swain talking and went to the side to let them pass, my head lowered. Right in front of me a pair of boots stopped and the voice said: “I would want to have a return match on that chess game we had earlier.” “You promised to not bother me ever again, master”, I whispered. For those words I wanted to punch myself in the face. But Swain laughed. “Yes, this is certainly true.” He returned to his conversation with Darius and they kept walking. I let out my breath. I didn't notice that I had held it in. On this day, a rumor spread among the servants – ambassadors of Demacia have come to ask for peace. Demacia couldn't endure in this war anymore and they wanted to make a treaty with Noxus. They would come to the main hall soon and everybody wanted to be there to catch a look and listen to the conditions. It would be a feast, people said. Preparations were heavy because a banquet would follow the peace agreement. “Master?” I went to her and asked her if I were allowed to go upstairs and take a look onto the ambassadors and to my surprise, she let me go. “But hurry”, she said unpleased. “Thank you”, I bowed and ran. The demacian ambassadors came as five young man, hooded but in their famous blue shining armor. They were so much different than noxian soldiers. I remembered how I was living in Demacia for some months, especially looking for the Crownguard family. Lux was an enjoyable person to talk with and seeing those ambassadors took me back some years. I smiled. Oh pleasant memories! “Welcome to Noxus, visitors.” Swain, Darius and a hooded figure were seated in their thrones and welcoming the ambassadors. Darius looked as if he wasn't interested in any of that and you couldn't tell what the hooded figure was thinking but Swain was in his role throughoutly. He stood up and walked towards the five young man but kept his distance, smiling. One of the ambassadors emerged, pulled his hood back and bowed down before the master tactician. “The honor is on our side, Master Swain. I am pleased you were able to welcome us in person.” He looked around and my smile froze. I knew this guy. He wasn't from Demacia. “I am also glad that you are ready to make an end to the war between Demacia and Noxus. This has gone on for far too long. We have both lost a lot of valuable soldiers.” “Indeed. I dislike killing good soldiers, no matter from what nation.” “However, you have one important soldier of ours on your conscience. And we may forget their names but we do not forgive.” Swain bent his head in confusion. I broke free from all the people and ran towards the five man. The guardians set in motion and tried to hold me back but I caught Swain's eyesight, who looked at the sudden motion, and I saw his eyes widen. At the same time, the young man right in front of him pulled a knife out of under his hood and made a movement to stab Swain but I was able to reach him in time and stepped inbetween. The knife hit me deeply into the arm and sudden pain flooded my body. I broke down and only saw that all the ambassadors pulled out knives but got surrounded by noxian soldiers in the blink of an eye. Then the world went black around me. As I woke up, the world was black around me. Have I died or was I still asleep? No, the pain in my arm told a certain story, I was alive and awaken. “First you come into the bastion, wanting to kill me. Then you save me from assassins of your kind. You make me wonder.” I turned my head and saw him sitting on a chair next to my bed. There was a dim light going out of him and for the first time I saw his left arm without gloves. It was a red demon hand, glowing lightly in the darkness. It was merely enough to see his shape. I cleared my throat but still answered hoarsely: “You could have killed me that day. But you were a man of your word and let me go instead of forcing me to do something I didn't want to do. Instead of abusing me. You treated me with respect and I returned the favor. I'm not an assassin without honor.” “Your eyes were hunting me in my dreams. The pale lady told me everything about you and still you were able to escape my traps and now you are here.” “Will you kill me now?” The pain in my arm surely was killing me. In the darkness I couldn't make out the wound. Also I had a head-ache and my throat was dry. “The poison will do it for me. A normal knife wouldn't have killed me but the poison on it is stronger than fifty man.” I nodded. Sure. Poison. “What are those blue spots all over your body?” “I was working as servant and treated as one. The other girls were jealous. I don't know anything about Kassy but she didn't have a nice life in the kitchen.” “How many times did they treat you unjustly? How many of those blue spots do you have?” “I don't know.” “You know it exactly.” After a short pause I said: “74.” As Swain stood up I could feel his demonic darkness surround me. Was it the fever, was I paranoid or dreaming? I didn't know anymore. “I know you would win that chess game. You're not very good pretending.” “Good enough to disappear”, I answered as he left the room. The next hours in utter darkness and the poison inside of me made time either run very fast or making it creep slowly, I couldn't tell. I could feel how my heart was beating not as strong as it was supposed to and my eyes fell shut. The next I remember was healing hands on my arm and the pain decreasing to an acceptable level. I woke up soon and there he was again. “I didn't die of poison”, I said weakly. “Not yet. I figured it would be wiser to have you alive.” “Because you want it or because you need it?” I was more dead than alive but whenever I opened my eyes there he was, sitting at the window and silently watching me. Was he sitting there all the time or did I wake up at the same time every day? “Do you fear the power inside of me?”, he asked one day. I was feeling better, I almost could walk again. “The shadows, they talk to me. Like the ravens to you, so the shadows to me.” “Why didn't you use your power actively then? You might have been a worthy opponent and maybe even kill me.” “Because they're consuming. Shadows have their price. My brother paid it and became a shadow himself. I don't want to end up like him.” I looked away. “Is your hair touched by shadows or is it naturally of that black color?”, he asked. I didn't even remember that I had it dyed, so I was taken by surprise: “It's naturally like that.” Later I could stand and walk around. I had a maid with me who helped me out if I needed it and in the evening I was spending my time with Swain, sometimes playing chess, sometimes just talking and sometimes … doing things I wouldn't have imagined I would do when I came to Noxus for the first time. Especially not with the target I was supposed to assassinate. I was standing at the balcony of the Immortal Bastion and looking down on the people on the street. They were as little as ants. I thought about the Shadow Isles, about my brother's daughter Marin and my best friend Celine. I had to return one day but I couldn't – I haven't completed my mission … yet. The door opened and I said to the entering person, without turning around: “I will have to leave Noxus. I can't stay here.” “Yes, I think so too.” I looked behind my back and was surprised that it was Darius, not Swain. I wasn't visited by anyone else than Swain since I woke up and during my walks, there were no people around that I knew. “This has gone on for far too long. He has caught a liking to you. It will make him weak.” “A liking? He just appreciates talking to me, that's all.” “Talking to you?” Darius had a severe face, full of scars, and cold eyes. I haven't seen him smile once and even now he was keeping the formal face. “He hasn't called Lysanna, his mistress, to his room for months now. Since you've waken up. There is talk in the bastion. There will be talk in the town. There will be talk everywhere. I can't tolerate it. This is _Noxus_. He has punished all servants in the kitchen, did you know that? 74 whip slashes. That's really harsh, don't you think?” He sat down on the edge of my bed and looked at me. I went inside and closed the doors of the balcony behind me. “I didn't fulfill my mission. The Shadow Isles are no place for me anymore.” “Everyone fails once. Your masters have to know that it's not your fault. You can't kill the master of Noxus. Even your ambassadors failed and nobody will ever know that they failed thanks to you. We killed them all.” The dead don't talk but the shadows do. “And what will you tell Swain? What will I tell Swain?” I stood looking outside, my back facing him. But I heard that Darius stood up and went to the door. “I don't know what you'll tell him. But on his first place Noxus goes, so he will understand.” A general came running through the camps and reached the great black tent in the middle of it. The guardians let him pass and he shouted out: “We successfully turned the fight around! The enemy's soldiers are fleeing. Shall we follow them or wait?” Swain knew that nobody could call the people they were fighting against real soldiers. They were a group of rebels who thought they could oppose Noxus and save their fatherland. That was also the reason why he wasn't at the front himself. There was no reason for it. “No. We will capture them at the Shadow Isles. Tell our soldiers to retreat and gather again. They shall tend for their wounds and carry the wounded from the field. Leave the dead bodies for the ravens.” The general left the tent again and Swain put off the glove of his left hand, looking at the red glowing of it. Touching it would result in death if you were weak and people with strong willpower would suffer from his touch. Angry he put on his glove again and warned himself not to think about a certain woman who he missed. That chapter was over. He left the tent and stood in front of it, his head raised highly. Ravens were flying around high in the air and caw-ing. They would have something good to feast on today. He could also hear voices in his head but he would listen to them later. Right now, he would meet up with the generals and talk out what they would do next. A movement caught his attention. Someone jumped out from the shadows of a nearby tent, hands spread widely to both sides. The person was hooded and all in black, so you couldn't see who it was. The guardians behind Swain raised their spears, other soldiers lifted their crossbows, aiming at the person. The person itself stood without motion. Swain raised his hand and signalized everyone to hold on, curious. The person reached under its cloak and pulled out a knife. Immediately, the soldiers started shouting and trippled on their places but nobody made a move without Swain's permission, whose hand was still raised. The figure stretched out its arm and let the knife fall to the ground. Then it reached and pulled out another knife. This one it threw to the ground as well. Swain watched the person silently. The silhouette pulled back its hood and showed the face of a young woman. He knew the woman. She untied her cloak and let it fall to the ground as well. There were several more weapons on her, belted on her arms and legs and on her belly. She took all of them one by one and threw them onto the ground as well, the face unmoved and without a single word. Only the bird were making noises. The soldiers who were aiming at her exchanged confused looks and some lowered their crossbows. Swain was watching in silence. “Sire”, one of the guardians said but didn't make a move. They were waiting for his reaction. The woman touched her throat and tears started falling down her cheeks. She started moving towards Swain, arms spread widely in both directions, without any weapons on her anymore, and immediately all soldiers had their crossbows aiming at her again. She didn't stop although in danger, and right before him, she made a halt, looked at his face, went onto both knees and kept her head down, putting her hands together as if in prayer. “They sent you to kill me or they would kill you in exchange. Because you still have a mission to fulfill. And you would rather die but warn me that I'm still in danger than telling them what you really think about the mission.” He laid a hand onto her shoulders. “Stand up.” He lifted her chin and looked into her wild green eyes. He didn't like what he saw there. “What have they done to you?”, he asked but he knew – he would repay the Shadow Isles for what they have done to her more than double. > I hope you liked it! I put a lot of effort into Levirah ... I might also draw more stuff like Project, Heartseeker, Soulstealer, Dragontrainer, ... > If you enjoyed the champion concept, please give it an upvote or share it with other people! Have a nice day, everyone! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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