Champ Idea#1 Mymorian-The unleashed impelled

Champion Idea #1✨ Myomorian-The unleashed impelled #**Quick story and look:** A young ionian mage child who hungers for knowledge rather his young age , discovered a **Rune** somehow was locked in unique unfamiliar letters only spoken by incident tongues that sliped away from **Ryze**'s hands , as he had the knowledge and research capability he unsealed the rune summoning it at will and reseal it in the incident words into the pages that he carries with him ------- The idea here is a champion whose abilities change and evolve when he executes a curtain combo rather than having 4 abilities and a passive or an ult that only switches 3 abilities * Before you read the ability that's how it works Say i used **Q** , the **E** immediately will evolve as **QLvl2** , casting **QLvl2** (A.K.A the evolved E) will make your **normal Q** evolve into **QLvl3** waiting for you to cast it *or* it will cancel back to *normal Q* after short time. * **if you don't want the evolved ability** ! recast **Q** and the **E** will change back to the normal **E** ability , so the abilities can go like this * All Q levels : Q>E>Q ,or Q>Q>E to castnormal E. * All W levels: W>E>W ,or W>W>E to cast normal E. * All R levels: R>E , or R>R>E to cast normal E. ..As an advice.... obviously read the abilities as Q Lvl 1 then W Lvl 1 Then ALL The E , after that go back to read Q Lvl 3 W Lvl3 Now you can have fun reading the abilities ,any question you got feel free to ask me in the comments i will be pleased answering them ----- #**Passive"Rune Of Power":** mymorian's rune gives him **mana regeneration rush** for **4s** when he drops below **15%** mana after **2s**, regeneration amount is lowered,upon reaching **75%** mana , **or** the **4s** runs out no matter how much mana he has, the passive goes on a long cooldown. #**Q"flame throw Lvl 1":** casts a spark of flame that travels a short distance as a skill shot , damaging and slowing any enemy unit cough along the path of it * ##**Q"flame throw Lvl 3":** Costs 100mana , mymorian slams the ground creating a crack that travels in the ground as shock wave in front of him that explodes upon reaching the end of it damaging and burning the enemies for **2s**, recast the ability to make it explode earlier , enemies cough in the crack shock wave are burned and slowed till they exit it #**W"cursed step":** casts a curse in a small area lasts for **6s** The curse is visible to enemies ,enemy champions steps on the curse triggers it **Damaging and silencing** the enemy for **2s** * ##**W"Cursed step Lvl3":** 100mana ,mymorian curses a huge area that becomes invisible after *3s* Lasting For **15s** , champions steps in it triggers it exploding in a wider area damaging champions #**E"mana thief/LevelUp":** sacrificing % of mymorian health to steal **%** mana from champions * Champions that doesn't use mana are damaged and gives mymorian Health insted * ##**Q"Flame throw Lvl2":** takes more mana, mymorian continuously casts green flames in front of him for *3s* making him slower by **75%** that heals allies and deal continues *low* damage to enemy cought in the flames , Mymorin heals himself for **20%** heal done or **10%** damage done by it. * The green flames seeks allied champions to heal them if they a little far from the flames , if an ally is damaged by any enemy unit while the green flames is healing him the green flames will extend to damage the damaging enemy close to that ally. * ##**W"cursed step Lvl2":** takes more mana to curse a wider area that becomes invisible After **2s** that **rootes** enemies for **2s** dealing damage to them while in the duration of the root. * ##**R"force uncaged Lvl2":** 130mana, mymorin heavily claps his hands again after **0.5s** channeling creating a damaging shock wave in a wide cone shaped area damaging enemies and slowing them for **3s** #**R"force uncaged":** summons the pages that contains the rune within giving **spell vamp** And **mana regain rush** for **4s** ##**Or** **As Lvl 1** Mymorian heavily claps once after channeling a spell for **1s** creating a vertical shock wave in front of him in a narrow but long path damaging enemies and slowing them for **2s** ------ GJ REACHING THE END! :D i admit it's a complicated champ but i had this idea a long time ago and after i saw the video lol made after making sylas , that they got new ways on making complicated champs and welcome new ideas that gave me courage to say this idea <3 ! Tell me your thoughts , numeric damage and heals wont come out now but i may reedit or re post this with the numeric and cooldowns in a couple of days ___________ #Update! : #Other topics: ##1- Champ Idea#1 Mymorian-The unleashed impelled (9 abilities in one champion) : ##2- Champion idea#2 Miraage - The Darkin Dismay : ##3- Champ Idea#3 Dunjo'kyn & Zuri - Masters of the WolfClaws (2 controllable characters as one pick-able champion): ##4- Champ idea#4 Kunkuro - the Bursted Fists : ##Champ Idea#5 Adrean - the traverser of the dead: #Champ idea #6 Donovan-The Unleashed! : See you in the Next Champ Idea ;)
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