Appreciate your good enemy !

Well as we know after every game everyone gives a teammate an honor according to his score, team play ..etc .. So I have a good idea: Sometimes we see a very good enemy team player who has insane score or he is very good in chat with his enemy (mean us) in the course of the game .. sometime a very good enemy doesn't deserve to lose or he has bad team so I want you to add something like " appreciate an enemy effort " ((( It'll not be an honor it'll just be an appreciation for his effort and work ))) > so after we end a game imagine that we have 1-Honor a teammate at the upper screen 2-Appreciate an enemy player at the lower screen AND ("continue") button after we do both. to exit the game screen ((( and sure an appreciation from the enemy it should be casual and it should be different from honor progress make it different ))) I think this suggestion is better than getting out of the game with the score of 30/4/12 for example and get nothing maybe an appreciation from ur enemy for your effort will be something will help u to go on. Thanks Riot
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