Panda Volibear!

Dear Riot Games , you should definatly make a Panda Volibear skin. I mean you have a Panda Teemo skin , and Teemo isn't a bear or something that is similar to a bear. The idea is easy to make slap a panda texture and skin , change the thunder particles to water (cuz water it's good) , make his Q have pink cherry flowers instead of leafs and thunder and then add a cute ass recall where Voli playes with something or eats bamboo. I would totally buy this skin and a fair price would be 975 RP , since it dosen't have any special voice lines , or fancy emotes. Thanks for reading this , now peace! <3 EDIT: Also for the W , the thingy above his head should be a little panda face , because pandas are awsome See ya gain! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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