My ideas for a Teemo Rework.

Teemo The Swift Scout, is an AD based marksman/assasin taking either the role of the Bot-Adc or the Jungler. His skills, except for Noxious Trap , scale with AD. His ultimate is designed to not only provide the team with better map awarness and crowd control, but also to assasinate vulnerable targets with his "Silent Death" effect (if the conditions for it are met). With all that said, let's take a look at his kit. Passive~ Camouflage- If Teemo stands still and takes no action for a shot ammount of time, he becomes stealthed indefinetly. Moving in bushes does not break his stealth. After leaving stealth, Teemo gains the "Element of Surprise", gaining movement speed for X seconds. His next shot will mark the enemy with the "Silent Death" effect. Q~ Deadly Darts- Shooting darts at the same champion triggers the following effects: 1st dart = slows target for X seconds. 2nd dart = stuns target for X seconds. 3rd dart = reduces the armor of the target by X. Darts can be casted after an X ammount of time. The cooldown of the skill begins after the 3rd dart or after Y ammount of time passed. W~ Toxic Shot- Passive- Teemo's gains X% attack speed. Active- Teemo's attacks poison the target on impact, dealing damage overtime and leaving the "Silent Death" effect. E~ Silent Dash- Teemo dashes to a chosen direction. If he collides with an enemy, he imidiately becomes invisible for X ammount of time. The collision does not deal damage. Dashing while in stealth, does not break the stealth unless he collides with an enemy champion. R~ Noxious Trap- Passive- When targets that are affected by "Silent Death" step on a trap, they get poisoned. The poison will be activated after the effect of the noxious trap wears off, dealing damage depending on the distance that the target walked. Active- Teemo throws an invisible exlposive poisonous trap that upon activation from enemy targets, releases a poisonous visible cloud that deals damage over time while inside the range of the cloud. Throwing a mushroom on another mushroom will make it bounce, gaining additional range. The idea for this "rework", was to give Teemo not just a "role" but also a lane. Making him scale with AD removes the anti-fun aspect while keeping his character untouched. The new kit is designed to be usefull in jungle, for ganks or even in bot lane as a marksman. The ability to hunt down opponents or kill them instantly, over time or after they think that they escaped (Silent Death), is what makes him unique from other adcarrys and junglers. This kit adds more sustain and better, slightly more advanced mechanics to the game, making him a more fun champion to play with or against. Hope you liked this idea. Don't forget to like or dislike this post and leave your own thoughts and ideas on how Teemo could be reworked to better suit the current meta or the game in general. Thank you for your time.
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