Reforming LP system

I think LP system should be reformed. The amount of LP should be based on your performance in game. So if you got S- you should get more LP then when you got rank A. Sometimes you carry and sometimes you get carried. If you carry it would be logical that you receive more LP after game. Same goes for losing: if you are part of the problem why your team lost, you should lose more than when you performed good and still lost. For example I just lost a game where i was useless. I died a lot and didn't bring a lot to the game I got rank C and lost 20LP. In another game I played very well and won my lane but the rest of my team were doing very bad. 0-12-0 on mid and bottom combined after 7 min and i had afking mid for some moments. My Rank was A- but I also lost 20 LP. In my opinion this isn't fair. That second game I shouldn't lose that much. It would be more fair that if you play well you get rewarded for it even though you lose. With this in mind people in my opinion would try harder if they can get some LP out of a loss. BEcause now all you see is people trolling and feeding even more when they lost lane or died a couple of times etc... With this idea if you play good, you climb faster even though you come across bad teams :) And it helps with the overall attitude when facing bad teams.. What do you guys think about this idea?
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