Melidise, The banshee (Story)

Melidise and a specter of the obscure islands. She was in her lifetime a Noxian magician who had come with a group of mercenaries in the islands to fight Mordekaiser in order to kill him once and for all, she was aiming to lift the evil that brought him back to life, unfortunately for her and her band, Mordekaiser and the dead and ghostly hordes of slaves were far too powerful for Melidise who succumbed to Mordekaiser himself who completed it with his mass Vesper ... _Or ... Where am I ... Everything and so dark ... I'm cold ... I think ... I can not even know how I feel ..._ Melidise had been brought back by the dark magic of this iron knight who made her one of his many spectral slaves ... Under his orders Melidise took the lives of many innocent people or not, it did not matter to him, all what she could do was obey, but she seemed to feel pleasure in spreading terror around her, seeing the eyes frighten people at her approach made her shudder ... But it hurt her at the same time, she felt that what she was doing was monstrous but it gave her the impression of reliving, when she drained the terror of people, she felt all their emotions lived, their memories ... It gave him the feeling of reliving but this feeling did not last long enough ... _You lived a happy life ... Until we arrived ... I want to thank you ... You allowed me to live a few seconds ... I will offer you now the eternal rest ... I'm sorry..._ The day the immortal bastion was taken and Mordekaiser defeated, Melidise felt a little less weight ... she felt free again ... But still cursed, she had kept her spectral shape but since the assault, she felt that she had no longer to obey the orders of the Iron Knight and took advantage of this feeling to flee ... Far from this bastion while praying that this accursed knight would never come back ... Centuries passed Melidise wandered always, fleeing alive because she knew that her hunger for emotion would take over ... She could not help but terrorize some people and absorb their terror but at the same time their life .. She had only this solution but that made it more powerful to each victim. _With all these emotions ... I become powerful ... Maybe one day I would manage to control my drive ... I do not want to be ... the monster that I am ... Who and what ?. .. Please come help me! I need help ... I need ... your life ... your emotions ..._ A nice day Melidise met for the first time a man whose heart seemed to be filled with rage and sadness, he was the first mortal to have resisted and survived and especially to have repelled and forced to flee ... This man was named Lucian and Melidise made a fixette on this man .. Why did not he feel any fear? She could not drain anything into him if he was not afraid ... Melidise took advantage of one of her moments of rest to show herself peacefully, she had never had the opportunity to chat with a living man for ten or so years. ten years and see this man fascinated her, The man told him all about this spectrum chain that held the soul of his deceased half in his lantern, Melidise offered his help in his fight, surprised but wary Lucian refused and continued on his way. When the Melidise party man told him his words ... _Death ... The fear ... Lucian ... All this frightens me ... But I can not help but spread it and feed on it ... I have long been a slave to a tyrant ... I found myself liberated ... I will help you to free the soul of your deceased woman nobody deserves to be a prisoner of this kind ... _ When Lucian was far away Melidise looked up at the sky above her. _I will release it to absorb it before your eyes ... And to know the taste of your despair ... My god ... Why? ... Am I like her ..._ Rumors about a weeping specter haunted his place ... Nobody wondered why this mind was so unhappy compare to much else .. That's it I tried to make a lore for my champion ^^ but as I say I'm not really talented so I guess there must be a lot of inconsistency but I wanted especially in the middle of this bio, bring out the personality of Melidise to give an idea of ​​his psychology, I hope you like it and I am open to constructive criticism :) (I apologize for the spelling if your eyes have survived because not mastering not english, i use google translation ^^) Here is the link to the gameplay :D
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