Kennen is the only Electric based Champion? Here is an idea

Kennen is the only guy who deals electric damage and in the game of course there are some controls with different championa like i think i heard ryze had something that includes electricity but that does not make him an Electro-Based Champion,Kennen is not really that good and his animations are terrible the dont look good what so ever...So i think it would be a great idea to make someone with a high range electric stun like Q (for example the closer u are to him the more damage u deal) W an electric shield or maybe an shockwawe in a radius that zaps everything,E- something like Lux ult just in electric form with not a massive amount of damage R-either shockwawe or a boosted version of his Q with a lot od damage or if possible maybe an ult where u become electricity itself and u can travel around the map lightning fast or just do a massive zap or zapps od damage? This might sound overpowerd but im pretty sure that it woulde’t be,he or she or whatever should not be hard to master because its probabl going mid or adc? Anyways it would be sooo cool to have a cham like this that is like an electro wizard just like in clash of clans or something...How should he be called? Idk maybe “Bol” which on Bosnian means Pain or just simply “Zapps” or “Zapp”
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