(Amazing new concept for a Champion) Cogurasyon the Demonic Apostle

So I got this amazing new idea for a champion (but sorry no artwork, I'm no artist), a new level of 'Skills'. Got this idea from the Netflix Original anime: Seven Deadly Sins. Go watch it, that is, if you have Netflix {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} (I will just describe the skill, not its Stats) _**Q**_ - **_"Total Cancel"_** This skill puts a shield around Cogurasyon that completely cancels out the ability's damage. This means that any ability that can or has the potential to damage will be completely cancelled. Cogurasyon then amplifies the damage dealt by the damaging ability by 2x (idc). He will channel this cancelled damage through his basic attack. If Cogurasyon doesn't hit anything (after a certain amount of time), the amplified damage will explode, dealing even more damage. This skill is good for killing supports. Ex- Morgana throws her binding at you, while she and her adc is running. You cancel the binding and go after them. She might go back to take in the damage so her adc doesn't die or they will keep running and you get double kill. _**W - "Demonic Ovoid"**_ Kinda like Syndra's... 'balls'. Congurasyon summons balls. Cogurasyon then becomes ranged for (one basic attack = one ball thrown) that long. Cogurasyon can summon upto 5 balls and the sixth time the skill is activated (ofcourse only if you have 5 balls), the balls will join together and form a larger Ovoid and will cause the total damage of the 5 balls and mulitply it by two (maximum larger Ovoid is 1, yes only one big ball). Once the Ovoid hits anything at all, it will explode (dealing no damage when it explode, had enought of 9/11 already) into 5 pieces again and will go to random areas. These 'random areas' will slow anything that passes through it by ..%. Good for ganking. Ex- Take this as first skill when Jungling. When you want to gank, make a larger Ovoid and throw it at a minion or to the adc/support. And your team gets easy double kill, especially when its lined up with a beautiful Q. _**E- "Swell"**_ It amplifies_** ANY**_ allied skill. May it be a heal,an attack,increase health, decrease health (you can troll friends who main {{champion:8}} ;) ) block,lifesteal, I mean ANY. Use this before a aa or w, or q, or even R. This skill is just so hype to use. Ex- Teemo has one fat poisonous dart. Yay we amplify the poison and damage :), good luck enemy team. _**R- "Demon's Disposition"**_ (I swear if you google what disposition means you'll laugh, but it sounds cool. THUMBS UP!) This one is an intense skill. Once you activate it, you deal an aoe damage that originates from you and you can choose 3 skills from there (you choose which skill you want by the number key) **R+1 = Decide** - You choose an enemy champion and that enemy champ will be stunned (more like a Sharingan effect) and you can control its soul while you are also stunned. Anything you do with the enemy's soul will be done after he is stunned. Ex- The enemy is running (lets say Lee Sin cuz he's blind, he's fun to make fun of). You use Decide on Lee and make his soul go back to your team. After the 'Sharingan effect' is done, your team can just.. 'smack' him. _**R+2 = Intense Swell**_ - Its like your E.. BUT EVEN BETTER. Its just like Swell, but more intense... That's it.. Ex- TELL YOUR FRIEND TO PICK TEEMO AND GET 10 PENTA HHAAHAHHA ... Imagine if you do this, R+3+E+W (large Ovoid) ... OH MA GAWD _**R+3 = Absolute Transfiguration**_ - You become a demon. Increased Health Regen and everything xD. But this is what's special. Your footsteps leave a trail of fire for like 3 seconds which ofcourse FREEZES (no, burns) your enemies that's so dumb enough to walk in it. Your basic attacks also mark your targets as 'Foe of the Demons' which your allies (and winions) and you can deal twice your/their normal damage (not just aa but also every skill, damaging skill). Imagine doing this with a Darius+Teemo.. just plain OP. This champion was brought to you by : Windows. By playing this champion, you make your enemies break their computer/laptop and they buy a new computer/laptop from us! Thanks to you, we get rich and we'll be sure to give your FREE RP. Thats just a joke and I really wish Riot makes this champ come true! --~~Windows Employee~~-- **--HelioVANCE**

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