Snow Day Yorick

Well seen as yorick has just been reworked and hasnt had a skin in over 5 years, I figure he is gonna get one soon. Regardless, I made a concept of a snow day yorick skin as **winter is coming** [Art here]( Just saying..I am not good at drawing, this is just a kinda simplified showcase of his abilities and model. (thats a snow sledge on his back btw...) His ghou..uh..'mist walkers' are little penguins, similar to snowday bards meeps. The MotM is a giant snowman, e is a snowball obv, and his w forms ice shards out of the ground to make the wall. He has snowy particles as his cape, you can see the model, and he carries a red snow-shovel. I got a bunch of other skin/champ concepts on my reddit account somewhere if u want to see. Thanks! {{champion:83}}
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