[Champion Concept] Angelica, the Infiltrator

Don't really have any lore, other than she might be related to Zaun **Real name:** Angelica **Gender:** Female **Race:** Human ** Passive - Infiltrators Instinct** Angelica is alerted if she is near an enemy ward or trap. After being spotted by a ward, revealing and disables it for 10 seconds. (60-30 second cooldown) ** Q - Unstable Hexsplosive Charge** Throws out a linear skillshot that attaches and deals damage to the first enemy hit. The charge stays on the target for 2.5 seconds and will go off if the target recieves any shields, heals or buffs from allied champions, stunning the target for 1.5 seconds. **W - Tamper** **Tamper:** Angelica plants an invisible charge on an allied ward, trap or a plant. **Allied ward:** Explodes in a large area, granting vision of everything inside for 5 seconds **Allied trap:** Empowers it, causing enemies to take 50% additional damage true damage. Only applies to the first instance of damge. **Plants:** Slows the attacker by 70% decaying over 1.5 seconds, canceling the effect of the plant. **E - Hextech Spellblocker ** Angelica throws a device on an allied champion, stopping the first ability that hits them within 1.5 seconds, granting a short burst of movementspeed if it goes off. **R - Stealth Invasion** (Can only be activated outside combat) Angelica becomes invisible for up to 20 seconds, gaining 15% increased movementspeed. During stealth, she can throw up to 3/4/5 invisible charges that attaches to enemy champions. (Will not break stealth) Upon leaving stealth, the charges will go off, dealing damage, slowing all targets by 60% for 3 seconds. The stealth is meant to be the same as Eve/Twitch. Just an idea for a champ.
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