LP gain/loss idea.

Hello Riot, I would like to propose a new idea for LP gain/loss during play. I am pretty sure quite a lot of people would support it. I am a gold player, and I spent a lot of my time in silver/bronze tiers. I have seen people that play much better than me, have consistently good kda and much better mechanics/map awareness, yet they cannot climb. These players are usually support players that love their champion(s) and their role but are gimped by less experienced players/afkers/ragers/trolls etc. not to mention that a support relies more than any other role on his/her team. In my opinion, it is unfair to ask them to play different roles/champions, just so they could climb. The idea: If a team losses, have it so that 100LP hit is split directly based on performance by each individual player of the losing team. That way, a person with the highest grade (S,A,B etc) gets hit the least, while a person with the lowest grade, gets hit the most. If a team wins, same rules would apply too. Person with the highest grade will gain more, while a person with the lowest grade will gain less. This would also in turn make people in Solo queue focus more on their performance when losing instead of (ff@20, i dont care, i give up etc.). It would also smooth out the rough edges of the current tiers. Everyone will be in a much more closer level of play. Moreover we may be able to get rid of ELO boosting using this system. Thank you and please consider this proposal. =) Edit: I do not propose to remove MMR. MMR should of course also come into this equation.
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