winterwonder Amumu skin idea

i have an idea for a skin i am thinking about for a while and i made it and improved it with the opinion of my friends. winterwonder Amumu looks: Amumu will look like a snowman with a scarf and hat (similar to Heimerdinger's Snowmerdinger skin) Q - bandage toss this one was the hard one to think off but we got the idea to make him throw his scarf as bandage toss (and maybe when hit wrap it around the hit target) W - despair Amumu is in the middle of a snowstorm (snowflakes flying around him) E - tantrum amumu freezes the ground (like when brand uses w - pillar of flame but then snow like, and without the pillar effect) R - curse of the sad mummy Amumu ults and there is a big snowflake on the found when he ulted and all enemies hit will have their legs frozen because amumu snares them this is my skin idea tell me what you think...

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