hunter necklace with rengar skull (woodcarving) and vote for next work

hunter necklace with rengar skull (woodcarving)
material - oak, amber and leather. if you want this, send me a note. hunter necklace with rengar skull (woodcarving)
hello everybody. my name is ilya and...i'm lol, something wrong. my name is ilya and I am engaged in wood carving, of course i play too. And i have decided to devote a number of the works to characters of league, well more precisely to their separate parts. my previous work it (hunter necklace with kha'zix head), now it rengar skull, so Who Next? I have thought and have decided that you choose an order of the following victims. also you can write the ideas and wishes to the following works in comments is lower. so well, if you like this. choose what you want see the next. and if you want my work, this or something - send me a note [this](, skype - yarartwood, or or tell me where i can contact with you. have a good game and sry for my eng {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}

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