We need a PBE server in EUROPE

Hello Riot !! We really need a PBE Server in Europe. There are 741 million people in europe where at least 60% from age of 12yo to age of 50yo are playing LOL and at least 40% of those players can provide feedback on bugs, errors, etc. Let's do some math: (741.000.000 ^ 60) / 100 = 444.600.000 are playing lol (444.600.000 ^ 40) / 100 = 117.840.000 can provide feedback's, errors, etc Pls Riot We need this server. I have a fiber optics connection at 300MB/s and i'm playing lol on PBE at 180ms lag ... So {{summoner:12}} to europe and install this server {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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