New Champion Idea: Fin, the Chained

Fin, the Chained mid-ranged auto-attacks Attack Damage Toplane **Passive:** Fin gains focus for every auto-attack he makes. Each stack of focus adds 3 armor - max. 10 stacks. On full focus bar; **E** becomes available. **Q:** Throw a _skillshot_ chain in a direction. The chain stuns the first target hit for 1.5 seconds, dealing magic damage. The chain stays connected between Fin and his target; if Fin moves too far away from his target the chain is broken and the stun duration ends. If **E** is active; that arm is unusable for the duration but can still auto-attack with the other arm. Can activate for a second time, throwing a second chain to stun another target or to double the stun duration on the same target. Fin will be immobilized for the duration of the second stun. **W:** Place a small trap on terrain. When an enemy unit comes near the trap it fires a chain. If it hits the unit the trap deals magic damage and pulls the unit towards the terrain. **E:** When focus bar is full **E** becomes available. On activation Fin breaks free from his chains; once broken free he is able to use both arms which doubles his attack speed. **R:** Fin slams his chains to the ground, dealing physical damage, dragging all enemy minions, enemy champions and monsters towards him. _All are dragged to the same point, so targets further away from Fin are dragged for the longest time._
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