Star Guardian Skins VO (Riot please comment?)

Hey guys, With the four new Star Guardian skins on the PBE I can't help but notice how well done Jinx's skin is, most importantly it is the voice over that makes it, and having Poppy run around saying "Today's the day I find that hero" makes her feel like she is not part of the same group. {{champion:99}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:78}} Its a bit of a long shot but I would love it if the Star Guardian skins all had a new VO added (and of course increase of price) as it would make them feel really special to play. At an even-further-length-of-a-shot it would be great to add a few VO interactions between the five skins. There are a lot of anime-nutters who play this game (especially in Korea) so I imagine this would boost sales and interest like wildfire. My goal would be to bring this to the attention of Riot and see the new VO's added (realistically in a later patch). Have a nice day! lulose (EUW) {{champion:78}}
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