Zileans rework. The true time master. you won't be dissapointed

so i have been thinking that zilean's abilities does not really fit the time control theme good enough mostly because they are very outdated. he goes around throwing explosives like if he was a demolition engineer XD. here are a new redesign much more fitting and interactive that could be reworked into: - passive: sight of the future when zilean levels up he and his allies in a certain radius can level up another non ult ability that had at least one point. that ability remains leveled up until they gain a new level an then it goes back to their last level . second passive: dissorted time whenever zilean autoattack a timefreezed champion he deals extra damage - Q: inestable paradox first cast: zilean bends the time in a small area. if an enemy is caught there it creates an image of themselfs that stands in location for 3 seconds (like with zeds shadows). After 1 second, if the real champion touches its image it creates a time paradox that detonates dealing area damage to nearby enemies. second cast: zilean bends the time in a small area dealing damage and moving all enemies caught back to their images ( making it detonate) - W: hour zero zilean creates a small bubble of time that pops after 1 second. every enemie caught when it pops is timefrozen for 1 second. timefrozen is a new cc that stuns the champion and all the damage, heals, buffs and shields put on them while freezed applies all at once when the time unfreezes - E: back to the past zilean targets an ally or himself and gives speed during 3 seconds. the target leaves a copy of their image that stands in location for 3 seconds. allies and zilean can click in their own image to return to it while it lasts healing a small percentage of the damage taken in that time - R: time freeze. the time completely stops in a 900 radius around zilean. everything in that radius (champion, projectiles, minions, abilities) stops and go on pause and after 2 seconds time unfreezes and everything keep their trajectories and cooldowns. champions that are outside the zone get frozen if they enter the zone and all the abilities from outside are paused as well if they enter the zone and applied once the time restart. ok so how do you play this abilities you may ask? well zilean has the awesome ability to move allies or enemies or himself back to the past. with his Q he creates danger areas to zone the enemy that must move away or take damage. if you hit the second cast you apply damage twice because enemies collide with their images when running away try to target your pursuer and if you land the 2 casts of Q they return back to their image so you can effectively scape you can also zone with your W to freeze your enemies. if you manage to Q an enemie to create an image you can put a W (the time bubble) under their image to make sure they get freezed if you move them to their image with the second Q cast use your E (back to the past), on an ally, specially a diver, so they can click their image to regain position and heal a bit of the damage taken. Or you can run in one direction and clik your image to reappear where you were your R freezes the time so your allies and enemies can reposition around your ult. have in mind that projetciles (and champions) from outside will freeze when they collide with your ult and they move all at once when time restart. everyone involved in the ult will have a few seconds to think their next move when time unfreezes. just imagine a full lucians ult coming at you all at once. i hope you have flash XD You only do damage with your Q explosion and your passive so you will try to freeze enemies with your W or R for your autos to deal extra damage. All in all the essence of the old zilean is kept but the abilities have much much more potential. he can be played primarily as support because he has tons of utility or as a combo mage I would like to hear your opinions wheter you like it or if you don't. Thanks for the reading.
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