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TL:DR; at the end Hello, I've spoken about the ticket allocation before, and it still hasn't changed. It's a pity that a company with such a dedicated fan base, and a VERY easy way to adjudge whether or not a player should be eligible to purchase tickets or not is unable to organize it in a way as such that they do not fall into the mechanical hands of bots (or just greedy re-sellers). It's disgusting you can see tickets going on resale exceeding £1,000 in some cases, yet a player who would play hours on hours every day does not stand a chance (let's not even talk about the 2 hour pre-sale at ticketmaster??). When you work (which I'm sure a large majority of us do), you have to book off holiday, and in some companies, you may have to give some advanced notice. In the company I work for in particular, we are allocated leave, and we have to swap with other people to organize our own leave. To do this when you don't even know you will be able to secure yourself tickets makes it very hard to see yourself ever attending the event. I only speak about my own situation because I know many others will be in a similar situation (not for pity). Now I'm going to tell you about an event that I've attended before that set up a system to help give tickets to the fans, as well as my own opinion on how such a system can be run for Riot Games (I mean, anyone could think of something better than what you have implemented right now). The first situation is the event I've attended, a Taylor Swift concert in New York. Months before the event, fans were given a link to access, in which they would visit each day, just for a few minutes, and completed menial tasks such as clicking a link, much like the competitions you see on sideqik (or whatever that site is), and you could actually see a physical progress bar which judges where in the line you will be once tickets are released. You could purchase 2 tickets per person (if I recall rightly). Ok, maybe not everybody will have access to the internet everyday (even for a short time, it's possible they cannot commit to that), and it's also possible people will still have a bot to do this, but there is a limit to the amount of actions that you can do each day, and therefore a person could reach the top of the queue and buy tickets before a bot, because they have completed the maximum number of actions. Furthermore, they still linked this to sell with ticket master, in their own time slots, so it is possible for Riot to do a similar thing and keep the sales of tickets 3rd party. Now what I feel Riot Games *could* implement. The first thing people may think of, would be the summoner level. However, this doesn't prevent somebody who played league excessively (and NOT TFT AS YOU DO NOT GAIN EXPERIENCE OR EVEN KEY FRAGMENTS (RIOT PLS!) FOR PLAYING) in the past, but no longer playing now, capitalizing on some free money by reselling tickets. The next option, is to look at the game time within a certain period (you cannot use games played as every game is of different length, and somebody could play 1,000 twisted treelines in the same time it takes me to play 500 summoner rift games). This method is better, but again, not everybody that plays the game follows the pro scene, and could still therefore see it as an opportunity just to make money. No, my opinion is that this should be tied into your missions with the "Watch and Earn" rewards. The more watch and earn missions you complete, I believe should boost you up in the queue for purchasing tickets for the LoL tournaments. I understand, much like not being able to play the game, some people may not have time to watch it either, but you have to draw a line somewhere, and this allows fans who follow the professional scene, year long round (and remember, you can watch the VODs too! doesn't have to be live!), the best chance of attending the events. I have a slight issue with one person being able to purchase 4 tickets too, but I can see how getting friends seated together can become a bit too complex if we did not allow for this.# I have one other opinion on how you could help a little bit better, and that is VIP packages. I'm not going to tell you what the VIP package should be, just that if there were tickets that are, let's say, £300, with some awesome benefits, such as free merch, or getting to play a game of LoL on stage hours before the event as if you were a pro, would be a great way to not only give players a more complete experience, but also prevent bots from mass buying tickets as it's harder to buy 20 tickets for £300 than it is to buy 80 tickets for £80. My other complaint is about the merch and partnerships that leave EU empty. I wanted to buy the LCS chair, or the MSI chair from secret lab, but it was not available in my region. Cool, LCS is in North America, right? MSI was held in Vietnam and Taipei, right? Awesome, Worlds is in Europe! Let's go gra-- oh wait, the chair, for the European World Finals, is not sold in Europe. It's sad to see the advert every day when I tune into worlds, knowing that my region aren't even able to purchase it. Why are you even advertising it to us? TL:DR; Watch and Earn missions should be linked to a points system for purchasing tickets to LoL events. VIP tickets could be introduced as tickets that might not be so accessible for bots, with perks such as playing a game on the main stage before the event or free merch and meet/greet with the cast. The deal with Secret lab is poor, having the worlds edition chair, for the worlds tournament in Europe, not being sold in Europe, is really poor on Riot's behalf. EDIT: Of course, your past record of offences on your account should lower your priority on tickets, too.

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