Why does everyone have SKT T1 so much?

I really don't get it. Everyone keeps saying how it's not fair they keep winning. How is it not fair? They are the best team in the world, which they proved. Do they really deserve the hate just because they are good? I am a HUGE SKT fan. And when watching SKT vs ROX this year, I wouldn't be mad at all if Rox won, since they were an amazing team who played SO nicely. They were so even and it was the most enjoyable series I've ever seen. Even if the team I'm rooting for was so close to losing. If we could just stop focusing on the name of the team that wins, and maybe look at how they play and who is actually better, that would be nice. Edit: Just realized I wrote have instead of hate in the title. Sorry, wrote this thread as soon as I woke up ;-;
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