Origen 1/10

In my opinion Soaz 6/10 Amazing 6/10 xPeke 8/10 Niels 9/10 Mithy 9/10 Juged by plays, farm, etc, etc. __ I felt like Soaz made a lot of big mistakes. He got an early tripple kill on the 5th game with GP and wasted it completely. __ I felt the same about Amazing. The flash fail over the wall at blue was crucial in that teamfight. He also lost most dragons and pretty much all barons. __ xPeke was not as present as I'd hoped. His farm and plays where overall good in my opinion except for a few failed ulties. __ Niels surprised me with some amazing plays. He outfarmed Rekkles everygame easily sometimes by huge diferences. The way he carried the 4th game and took risks but never failed was amazing. __ I felt Mithy did great as well except for the last game where there was a huge lack of vision. In my opinion that is what cost them the last game and there for the entire series. Other then that he had some great saves and plays and I think he did great. Thoughts?
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