This split has been meh at best for TSM and I usually just sigh and think to myself "whatever" when they end up losing to a team they shouldn't have lost to or when they just play weird. But this Flyquest end of the game fk up pushed me over the edge. What in the actual fk was going through their minds when they just flat out stayed mid lane and tried to push after seeing Gnar dying to Kennen and Ashe, who was melting the turrets like they are made of butter. This team is so dysfunctional, it's not even funny at this point, it's just flat out sad and depressing to watch. I knew after Spring split that if they stayed together with Zven and Mithy in the bot lane, Summer would be a chaotic disaster, and so far they are proving me right. What the fk, TSM? Actual garbage synergy and shitty calls every game. You don't deserve to be in the Playoffs. Blow the team up and get new players. Enough is enough. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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