E-sports casters and analysts

Hi Riot, Your newer casters in LEC, LCK and LCS seem like very decent people. But some of them can't string a sentence together. We already lost Monte, Akilios, Jatt, among others, and now Papa Smithy goes missing, Pastrytime is hardly there in LCS, Deficio is gone from LEC and we are left with mostly very poor substitutes. Now I either mute if it's a big game, or regularly switch off. You are going for hype men. But when that hype is just saying random words with great enthusiasm, trying to sound clever but getting phrases completely wrong ('he paid the iron price for that'....er, no he did exactly the opposite) and dumping on language and communication from a great height, the hype is pointless. I know you need to appeal to new and younger viewers, but a complex game needs someone with half a brain to cast or analyse it well and you are risking losing this very loyal viewer for years as a result. Please stop losing the experienced casters and analysts. They make such a huge difference to League e-sports.

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