The Total Failure of EU LCS

It's my opinion that the finals of Rift Rivals, where UoL got absolutely stomped by TSM, has exposed the critical weakness of EU right now: Lack of meaningful competition for top teams within the EU LCS. G2 are a bit of an anomaly but FNC and UoL this split are almost a surefire shoe-in for a win in whatever match they're playing. They never change their style because they don't need to change their style since nobody in EU can deal with it. However when NA come over and show up FNC and UoL I think it just goes to show that the EU teams are awful at adapting their style; no "Plan B" if you would. Compared to TSM and C9 and P1, all of whom have much better competition (CLG and IMT are far better than SPY or ROC for example), EU teams just don't have that need to work on differing playstyles. Horribly disappointing as an EU fan. GG Na, GG TSM.
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