Esports section is way sub-par

I don‘t know if i‘m preaching to the choir but i really have to get this off my chest. Last split i had to access the eulcs vods via the na site because the eu version was spoilering the results...this is pretty annoying. Now the new lec site is the biggest joke ever. Not only do certain links not even work (talent for example leads to the main page instead of somewhere). You cant even look at the rosters of the respective teams. Instead there are some pr videos about them. But no facts, figures and whatnot... I feel like you‘re not doing the pro-s justice by displaying them like that. Imho there should be stats pages, a good vod section (maybe even giving a choice of the full game summary and a higjlight reel). Oh and: the implemented youtube vods can only with a lot of tricking made to be displayed in full screen on an iphone because the title covers the unmute and the fullscreen button. I cant be the only one with those problems.
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