Really upset with the sale of worlds tickets

Hi there. The organisation for worlds this year has got me so upset and I just hope they do better in the future. A little bit of context I am going on my Honeymoon to France on the 30th October. I will be in France for roughly two weeks, ending the trip on about the 14th, and myself and my wife being HUGE league of legends fans I thought the perfect gift would be to get worlds tickets. I made an account on both ticketmaster international, uk and fr, and on accorhotels fr. I have been waiting for nearly two hours, on both my account and one my wife had. I eventually got past the hour waiting queue straight to a white page where there wasn't anything on it and could not proceed to purchase or even see anything. Half an hour later that page is still on my browser in a slight hope I may get tickets. I loaded up a new device thinking it might have broken, and now I cant even get into a queue to purchase tickets. I have also noticed that resale tickets are already available, PRIOR to the release time of accorhotels arena, and if im not mistaken, that shouldn't even be possible for sites to obtain unless riot sold them elsewhere without exposing where. My honeymoon isn't ruined, but I am very upset, and it will put a dampener knowing that the hotel I booked is 20 minutes walk away from the venue where we could have ended the honeymoon on such a celebration. Disappointing does not even cover it.
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